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    21 December, 2017
    ERP Quality Control for the Meat Industry

    Find out how ColumbusFood's ERP quality control functionality helps the Meat and Poultry industry meet their unique ERP challenges.

    Categories: Food

    15 December, 2017
    How to boost user efficiency in NAV 2018

    The release of Dynamics NAV 2018 introduced numerous core application enhancements delivering a more user-friendly experience. Find out how NAV 2018 can help boost your user efficiency.

    Categories: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    12 December, 2017
    NAV 2018 is here, and it's here to stay

    The latest version offers significant enhancements and new features improving integration across different business areas and systems designed to further help SMEs improve organizational efficiency.

    Categories: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    6 December, 2017
    ERP Sales Order Processing for the Meat Industry

    ColumbusFood helps meat and poultry businesses optimize their processes to enable faster implementations, fewer complexities, and lower total cost of ownership.

    Categories: Food

    Food Allergens
    5 December, 2017
    Mitigate the Risk of Allergens in Food Production and Distribution

    New whitepaper discusses allergen management and risk mitigation in food production and distribution.

    Categories: Food

    ERP and data analytics in the food industry
    28 November, 2017
    7 success scenarios for ERP and data analytics in the food industry

    In the food industry, volatile supply chain conditions, quickly perishable goods, elevated safety standards, and intense competition can make it challenging to run a profitable business.

    Categories: Food

    Inventory Management for the Meat Industry
    17 November, 2017
    Inventory Management for the Meat Industry

    ColumbusFood’s ERP inventory attributes help ensure quick & efficient inventory management for meat and poultry processors and distributors.

    Categories: Food

    17 October, 2017
    Recall FAQ from Food Production Companies

    Reducing recall risks with modern ERP in the cloud

    Categories: Food

    20 September, 2017
    Costing FAQ from Food Production Companies

    Ensuring the profitability in your management of costing, pricing, promotions, and margins.

    Categories: Food

    16 August, 2017
    Demand Planning FAQ from Food Production Companies

    Making customers happy with accurate, evidence-based demand planning

    Categories: Food

    14 August, 2017
    How IoT can build additional revenue streams for discrete manufacturers

    If you speak to any discrete manufacturer, they will tell you that it’s getting even tougher to stand out to prospects and even their own customers with traditional product/service offerings.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    9 August, 2017
    Write Your Ticket to Business Transformation

    If transformation is the best way to respond to disruption in your industry, what does that practically mean? Is there a step-by-step approach to mastering this?

    Categories: Digital Transformation