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NAV 2018 is here, and it's here to stay

December 12, 2017
Game Changing Features

The latest version offers significant enhancements and new features improving integration across different business areas and systems designed to further help SMEs improve organizational efficiency.

As highlighted by James Philips, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, NAV 2018 streamlines business processes and empowers employees with smart, easy-to-use applications.

Understanding if the updates and additional functions are of importance to your business and whether the move is right for your organization can be a daunting decision, we have comprised a brief overview of the key changes.

What’s new?

Office Integration
  • Building on earlier releases and stronger than ever, we are now seeing Microsoft really push Office integration. Flow is Microsoft’s task automation application that allows users to build workflows that automate time-consuming tasks.
  • The new out-of-the-box Excel templates have been revamped with Microsoft’s Cognitive Services meaning image recognition can be utilized for inventory and contacts.
  • Invoices has been adapted with ‘cancel or correct’ actions.

NAV 2018 Office 365

Application Developments

Some of the ‘game-changing’ features we believe will significantly benefit SME’s include:

  • A big focus has been on usability and providing users simpler setup guides helping organizations make better decisions. A big benefit of this is the lower costs of implementation and training, this in turn leads to increased productivity.
  • A personalization tool has been built into NAV 2018. With a few clicks, a user can easily customize their workspace for their specific role optimizing performance.
  • Users can now import payroll transaction files via the Ceridian extension. The extension contains sample demos providing the option to test new functions.

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