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Minimizing the damage of a food product recall

Have you had to manage product recalls that could have been avoided or that should have been handled much more quickly and efficiently?

In food manufacturing product recalls need to be as precise as possible in order to minimize cost, waste and disruption. By capturing data in Dynamics 365 from every stage of the supply chain, manufacturers can gain absolute traceability of every ingredient and handling process, and limit the damage to operations and brand confidence.


In food manufacturing traceability from field to fork is vital to ensure that any product recalls are precise and minimize cost, waste and disruption. This requires capturing complete information throughout the supply chain from retailer, manufacturer, suppliers and all their suppliers.

By integrating tracking data from different systems manufacturers can trace a finished product by ingredient back to the packaging supplier, producer, farmer and the field at its origin and identify all the ancillary suppliers to those suppliers.

The Internet of things monitors machinery and equipment such as conditions in refrigerated lorries or storage units and changes to the environment are monitored to assess what impact this has on the quality of product, like its shelf life.

Data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives detailed information about the journey of every food item from creation and assembly to end purchase. Giving manufacturers insight and control over their operations and distribution, helping them to meet legal, safety and quality control standards and ensuring that any product recall is contained to a local, not national, issue which limits costs and the damage to consumer confidence and brand value.

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