Microsoft Dynamics 365: scalable, intelligent workloads in the cloud

Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers business users with insight and intelligence within the applications where they manage operations, finance, sales, or service delivery. For Columbus customers who pursue a digital transformation strategy, Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables the systems of intelligence that position individuals to make decisions and take the right next steps. Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects with the Columbus business process management (BPM) tools—Columbus RapidValue and Columbus RapidValue INTERACT, the mobile BPM app—for companies that want to design and optimize customer-focused processes.

Connecting your ERP to your business

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Support just the workloads you need.

    Deploy the productivity and management resources you need, for the processes and business areas you want to transform, adding others as you like. No need to purchase functionality that does not benefit your business!

  • Enhance roles and processes with meaningful intelligence.

    Bring data insight from the Cortana Intelligence Suite and Power BI to the people and activities where they can drive smart decisions and the right, timely actions.

  • Build valuable apps without coding.

    Enable business users to increase the power of your technology by building their own apps without using professional development tools.

  • Manage growth your way

    Evolve your technology in the Microsoft Azure cloud, scaling to the optimal capabilities, storage volume, and performance levels and adjusting as your needs change.

  • Benefit from greater control, flexibility, and consistency.

    Easily set up your own workflows to connect apps and services for many possible scenarios, for example, to enable timely sales lead follow-up or to receive notifications of transactions and operational events.

Cloud Transformation Series

Manufacture the future to drive business growth

Did you know the 5 ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 can benefit manufacturers? Our eBook explores in detail.

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