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Our primary strength is that we can combine competencies and systems, with knowledge from different industries, to ensure the future of the customer's business.

strategy & offer

iStone future-proofs your business

Common to all companies that manufacture and sell goods is that there are three parallel flows from supplier to end customer running through the business; The information flow, the commercial flow and the physical flow. We provide IT solutions that ensure the efficiency of these flows and that the right processes are in place - from raw materials to processing and sales.


Our strategy is to start with the leading software suppliers 'standard systems and adapt them to our customers' industry, needs and goals. We handle implementation, maintenance and development - always with the customer's business in focus. Our primary strength is that we can combine competencies and systems, with knowledge from different industries, to ensure the future of the customer's business.

Commerce & Marketing

The demands on sales companies increase, both within B2C and B2B, as consumers take over the flow of information and expect availability, relevance and speed. Consumers know their value and are less loyal than before. The shopping experience has never been as strong of a competitive factor as it is now.

Today we talk about Unified Commerce or Omni Channel, which means that the contact points with your customer before and during a purchase are taking place in an increasing number of channels. To create a great shopping experience, you have to have a consistent perception of your customer's behavior.

We are one of the market's leading players in digital commerce. Our expertise is broad and extends from strategic design and UX to loyalty programs, PIM and implementation of market leading e-commerce platforms.


The business system is the heart of the company's process flow - processed and managed orders, invoices, logistics, purchasing and supply chain. Today, there are many good and cost effective business systems that meet the needs specific to individual companies and specific industries.

To create the best solutions, we collaborate with the market's leading suppliers of standard software, complemented with best-of-breed software providers. As we combine this with our deep industry knowledge, long experience and expertise in the systems, our market offer stands strong.

Performance Management

Most business processes today depend on hundreds of data points in different registry ranges, ranging from basic customer data to deeply hidden application-specific settings. Proper quality data is therefore a prerequisite for getting any value from its system solutions.
Today, we are overwhelmed with far more information than just ten years ago. The large information flow often has many different sources and the need to sell, compile and process is more important than ever. This means that the need for and use of Performance Management, also known as Business Intelligence (BI), is growing sharply and is expected to be the technology that will have the greatest impact in business management in the coming years.
Incorrect information sneaks in and those that once were correct become obsolete when circumstances change. The problems increase low-level when new systems are added, because old data must then be converted to new formats. This leads to problems in daily operational processes and incorrect information in decision making.

In order to meet the challenge, a comprehensive approach to information management is required. It all depends on how data is technically converted and stored to how we will organize on the human plane to take command of it throughout the life cycle. Quality assurance and management models for data creation and maintenance are one of the most important features to ensure that business processes work as expected and with the right results.

Application Management & Support

Companies that want to meet market demands are no longer able to manage without an IT environment with high availability. As the system infrastructure becomes increasingly complex and / or older, it is also necessary to manage the system so that it still supports the business efficiently.

Management and support is not just about ensuring a sustained function, but also being able to handle rapid changes in the business. Systems must be maintained and developed safely and efficiently and this must go hand in hand with daily operations. We have extensive experience in monitoring, supporting and managing business critical systems.

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