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We celebrate 10 years this year. In 10 years, we have gone from a small challenger to one of the leading Nordic partners for digitalization

CEO's statement

We make the transformation happen 

The digital transformation and the fourth industrial revolution concern everybody today. The challenge is that there are as many definitions of the two concepts as there are people. 

To me, the transformation is about streamlining and automating business processes and business models using smart digital technology. Our goal is to be the partner with the right cutting-edge expertise and business understanding within our different business areas - with the aim to create future-proof solutions for our customers.

Satisfied customers

When I write "future-proof", I am humbled by the fact that technology development has never been as fast as today. Thanks to our long-term strategy of building our core competencies and skills around key components for companies and organizations with a physical goods flow, we stand strong both as a long-term support and management partner as well as a fast-paced and agile player in digital commerce. Our strong position is further verified by Radar's annual customer survey, where iStone has gone from not even being in the top 5 (2014), to number 3 (2015), to number 1 (2016) in the category Business Critical Systems! I am immensely proud and pleased with this award, which we were able to win thanks to all the competent colleagues and cohesive teams, who all do wonders for our customers every day.

We are a Cloud Enabler

In this fast-paced age, the question of cloud is very relevant for most of our customers. Our product partners have been drumming the message for a long time, but it is only in the past year that we have experienced customers actually starting to place their systems in the cloud. We are a Cloud Enabler. This means that we strategically and operationally lead our customers into a system environment where cloud solutions will work side by side with more traditional operating solutions.

With our cutting-edge expertise in Integration and User Experience, we create the conditions for continuous improvement and ability to customize business models into a constantly changing market. For us, the two most important aspects of Cloud solutions are to simplify our customers’ operation and to speed up our customers' time-to-market.

Internal consolidation

We celebrate 10 years this year. In 10 years, we have gone from a small challenger to one of the leading Nordic partners for digitalization, for all business-critical solutions. During these years, we have focused on growth, rather than on earnings.

2016 was the year when we consolidated the group with more efficient processes to be able to clearly focus on profitability. We appointed key personnel who have the ability to manage core processes more efficiently in the company, replacing nearly half of the board in order to further develop our strategy. In addition, we have updated our design on the website and worked actively with employer branding, with excellent results for our brand experience for both customers and candidates. We are looking forward to the coming years, and look positively on the future!

Markus Jakobson
Group CEO and President

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