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Disruption is not about technology

3 min

Digital disruption aggravates challenges for organizations. Think power of action into all important decisions to remain in the forefront.

How to become a digital ninja

5 mins

Join the digital journey and get ready for the future, so you can become one of the winners. In short, it is about becoming a digital ninja within your field.

In the future you will always be a beginner

5 mins

Great companies understand the primary component of a business success – ‘Customer’. The food industry is dominated by customers' preferences, needs, and demands. By the use of technology you can greatly reduce the complexity, risk, and uncertainty of production. Here are 5 key areas for the CIO.

Even though you are a Snapchat expert you still need to be able to calculate

5 mins

Artificial intelligence, big data and IoT are booming and will be in the forefront in the next couple of years. Familiarize yourself with the new technology and start building digital skills.

Are you a disruptive leader

5 mins

In the current scenario, disruption stands highest on the to-do list in many companies’ strategic planning. It is when new players offer a better alternative to existing products or services.

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