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What to do when functionality disappears?

It is not often, but sometimes a function in M3 disappears when you upgrade your previous version...

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How to create alerts in Infor M3

I think all M3-users would like to be notified when something happens that they really need to act...

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Use virtual fields to show calculations

How you can use virtual fields when you need to do calculations to get the correct value to show on...

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Create virtual fields for currency conversions

How to convert prices and discounts to other currencies in Infor M3.

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How to improve your plant maintenance solution, part 1

The plant maintenance solution in Infor M3 can be quite tricky to use. Here is a mashup that makes...

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Mashup templates - a quicker way to a tailor made solution

Starting with a template when creating mashups in Infor M3 is much easier than starting from...

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Easily extract data to external applications with MDBREAMI

MDBREADMI is a tool which was released in Infor M3 10.1. This is a guide to show how you can use it...

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