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Stephanie is one of our newest colleagues in the role of Project Manager within Columbus Dynamics. Here's why she chose us and how she sees the future.Stephanie-Montgomery-hero

Stephanie Montgomery graduated from Södertörn University College in June two years ago majoring in entrepreneurship. Within her program, she took courses such as business management, project management, marketing, global monitoring and analysis. After the studies, Stephanie worked as a project manager for a period and that was where she was advised by a former colleague to contact Columbus.

Intrapreneurs get their ideas heard and can develop them within the company.

There are many variables that matter when it comes to recruiting new employees at Columbus. The education in entrepreneurship was a good match, while Stephanie is a living proof that attitude and mindset are at least as important, and in some cases; absolutely crucial.

A culture of sharing

With an exciting background, the right mentality and a willingness to learn you can go a long way, especially at an entrepreneurial company. Stephanie is currently learning more about the IT industry and is already predicting the future.

"Companies will want to embed their business systems even more, as well as simplifying the growing usage".

Stephanie's first period at Columbus was intensive with many new colleagues, conferences, travels to ski-resorts and the ongoing training of IT skills. Stephanie says the following about Columbus as a workplace:

"It's a nice vibe and mood and there is a wide range of ages. There is also a culture of wanting to share your knowledge."

We are looking for more colleagues right now, and are open for applications outside set requirements profiles. Check out our careerpage for suiting openings. Se all our job openings hereThis post was originally published in Swedish. 

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