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Enterprise search is a product where most of us only have a basic knowledge, but there is so much to gain if you take some time and learn all the available functions.

On Infor Xtreme you can find a guide to enterprise search which is really good! If you want to know more about how to sort your results, how to write smart search queries and how to create smart links and saved searches. A new version has just been released, so if you have the old one, go ahead and download the new one.

How to find the guide

Start by logging on to Infor Xtreme. In the upper right corner you have a button “Advanced” to the right of the search box. Click on the button to be able to specify your search.


Enter “Enterprise search” as keywords, and choose type “Knowledge”.



The enterprise search guide will show up as the first hit. (And as you can see this is a 5-star rated document! :)

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