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Reports that help you make business decisions
Pienas LT

"By using Power BI we can control and analyse company’s finance, sales, purchases and stocks."

Categories: Food, Power BI

Fresh food grower and processor ERP using Microsoft Dynamics
Functionality for all key business areas
Jasper Wyman and Son

New capabilities to help carry them into a new era of business

Categories: Food, Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Meat manufacturing ERP case study
Streamlining business processes
Fairfax Meadow

The UK’s largest catering butcher Fairfax Meadow has increased the consistency of end product quality.

Categories: Food, Microsoft Dynamics AX

Bakery products manufacturing ERP based on Microsoft Dynamics
Accurately plan production
Jacobsens Bakery

An ERP solution to accurately plan production, prevent any delays and improve reliability of supply.

Categories: Food

Pet food manufacturing ERP using Microsoft Dynamics
Role based insight
Royal Canin

Real time visibility, transparency, and control.

Categories: Food

Food manufacturing ERP case study
Improving access to information.

Multiple systems and integration points strangled access to timely information.

Categories: Food, Microsoft Dynamics AX

Food and warehouse management ERP
Traceability of the production process

We had no visibility into where we were making money and losing money.

Categories: Food

Confection manufacturer ERP based on Microsoft Dynamics
Easier, faster and safer.
Harry's CIS

Real time access to valuable reporting.

Categories: Food

Grain trader ERP system based on Microsoft Dynamics
Reliable and timely information
Alfred C. Toepfer International

Increased visibility of financial and economic indicators that help decision-making in real time.

Categories: Food

Food service ERP using Microsoft Dynamics
Updating infrastructure and processes

Bateel needed to update its infrastructure and processes to support the new growth and link the different parts of its business together.

Categories: Food, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Retail

A sweet solution with an infinite shelf life
Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen struggled to see a full view of inventory, product lead time and customer data from their disparate, piecemeal systems.

Categories: Food, Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Food producer ERP case study
Embracing better technology

At fast-growing Dublin-headquartered agri-services group Origin Enterprises, an implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX is rapidly re-writing the art of the possible.

Categories: Food, Microsoft Dynamics AX

ColumbusFood ERP and Analytics

How to minimize recall risk with complete traceability

Have you had to manage product recalls that could have been avoided or that should have been handled much more quickly and efficiently?

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How to minimize recall risk with complete traceability