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    17 August, 2018
    Are you an offensive or a defensive employee?

    In these times of World Cup and Tour de France, it is fun to play around with the idea of transferring sports tactics into our working lives. Just as in sports, we can choose to take an offensive or a defensive position in our job.

    3 July, 2018
    How to become a digital ninja

    Even though you were not born into the digital world, you can still join the digital journey. It is all about getting ready for the future, so you can become one of the winners. In short, it is about becoming a digital ninja within your field.

    29 May, 2018
    In the future you will always be a beginner

    During this year’s Political Festival, there will be several topics discussed including how the digital evolution will influence the future job market. My answer is simple: A LOT.

    Categories: Digital Transformation, Digitization, Disruption

    26 April, 2018
    Even though you are a Snapchat expert you still need to be able to do math

    Digital skills are in high demand in the digital era, but it is important not to forget about the professionalism. Skills are built, change and become redundant over time, while professional experience and subject knowledge can be used to build crucial digital skills

    Licensing Thumbnail
    27 March, 2018
    Understanding Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing

    The licensing structure from Microsoft for Dynamics 365 paves way for greater flexibility suiting every organisation’s budget and business needs.

    Categories: Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Disruptive Leader
    19 April 2018
    Are you a disruptive leader

    Currently, many companies are going through a dramatic journey, as the market and its opportunities quickly change in character. It is all about being ready to meet disruption, especially before the competitors. As a leader, you should be able to foresee these drastic changes. But what does disruption exactly require from you as a leader?

    Categories: Leadership, Disruption

    14 March 2018
    The age of the humble leader

    Today, the walls of the corner office have fallen. Along with Millennials entering the labour market, technology has overtaken the exchange of knowledge and admiration has disappeared. This imposes new requirements to the manager including a significant change in leadership style.

    Categories: Leadership, Digitization, Disruption

    ERP Thumbnail
    27 March, 2018
    Why your next Cloud ERP will be your last?

    We are facing a paradigm shift in the way companies are using the ERP system. Systems, which during many years have been characterized by fatiguing upgrades and costly customizations, are about to be replaced with Cloud ERP.

    Categories: Microsoft Dynamics 365

    22 March, 2018
    Make your GDPR compliance journey smooth with Columbus RapidValue

    Organizations need to be accountable for all the compliance mandates that affect operations in order to manage the security of business roles, ERP system, and data. Now, roles, ERP, and data cannot be separated from business processes.

    Categories: GDPR

    21 March, 2018
    Achieve GDPR Compliance with Columbus Security and Compliance Studio

    If you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and operations, Columbus Security and Compliance Studio enables you to implement and integrate your GDPR Audit and privacy requirements. It ensures that the security concepts are implemented in a way that users get limited access helping them to work optimally.

    Categories: GDPR

    21 March, 2018
    10 steps to achieve GDPR compliance successfully

    GDPR compliance, in an organization with diversified and fragmented data, can be a challenging goal. An organization must have comprehensive governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) strategy in place in order to achieve GDPR compliance and have complete control of the data assets.

    Categories: GDPR

    Manufacturing ways
    22 February, 2018
    Six ways to digitally empower manufacturers

    We have reached an era where how digitally empowered you are determines, how successful you will be.

    Categories: Digitization, Manufacturing, Microsoft Dynamics 365