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    15 February, 2018
    Inside Microsoft Dynamics 365: The benefits for manufacturers

    The relationship recently forged between optimizing productivity in manufacturing, and increasing customer satisfaction has somewhat disrupted the manufacturing industry.

    Categories: Manufacturing, Digital Transformation

    15 February, 2018
    Ready, set, move: A controlled, predictable, and productive transition to the cloud

    So, you’ve decided the cloud is for you and we’re not surprised, there are many reasons to like the cloud… Virtually limitless computing resources are available, and they can scale to meet your needs with minimal notice. All you pay for is what you actually use, not what you might one day use.

    Categories: Manufacturing, Digital Transformation

    15th February, 2018
    Analyse to prioritise: How the use of analytics can make a difference

    In a recent interview with The Record, Columbus Practice Director, Chris Braisby and our Technical Director, Martin Clothier, explained the business areas in which the innovative use of analytics can really make a difference.

    Categories: Digital Transformation

    9 February 2018
    Danish Companies in the Digital Race

    Recently, the Danish Government announced its digital strategy, which aims at getting Denmark back on track in the digital race. Denmark is losing ground to other countries, especially to those in Asia. The government is therefore launching 38 initiatives that will help Danish SME companies to digitalize. A strong and visionary initiative from our Government, which I am welcoming with open arms. However, companies must act upon this opportunity, otherwise it is a waste of money and resources.

    Categories: Digital Transformation, Digitization

    3 January 2018
    Set your Digital Benchmark for 2018

    If you, as a leader, haven’t set a digital goal yet for your company for 2018, then the New Year is a great opportunity to look ahead and get the company’s digital vision in place.

    Categories: Digital Transformation, Digitization

    6 October 2017
    Is your board ready for the digital journey?

    You can very much speak of ”Last Minute” when it comes to getting boards on the digital journey. Most boards have taken the first steps, but only few have gone full-hearted on board.

    Categories: Digital Transformation, Digitization, Disruption

    16 August, 2017
    The recipe for success lies in your customers' digital footsteps

    Understanding your customers better than they understand themselves is the key to success. Insight into the customer’s digital behaviour is increasingly becoming a game changer when it comes to giving customers the unique and personal buying experience.

    Categories: Digital Transformation, Digitization, Disruption

    20 June, 2017
    Take advantage of integrations to create productive, vital business relationships

    Your business partners and customers want to engage with your company in a productive manner, based on shared values and objectives. You can make this much easier for them by integrating systems and information sources.

    Categories: Digital Transformation, Corporate, Digitization

    13 June, 2017
    Integrations can help you unite business entities and launch new services

    Systems integrations can make a big difference in your ability to launch new services, generate more value from data and systems you already own, and thrive through organizational change.

    Categories: Digital Transformation, Corporate, Digitization

    6 June. 2017
    The evolution of integrations from custom projects to cloud solutions

    Today, you can handle integrations in the cloud, where building and maintaining them takes a fraction of the effort that used to be required. Even better, you can repurpose them.

    Categories: Digital Transformation, Digitization, Disruption

    30 May, 2017
    Integrations make a big difference in the productivity of people and processes

    If you are looking for opportunities to improve the productivity of people and processes, the right systems integrations can help. On the other hand, lacking or unmanageable integrations can set you back.

    Categories: Disruption, Corporate, Digital Transformation

    23 May, 2017
    Moving from data islands to transformative integrations

    Are you maintaining data islands in your company, where information can’t get in or out without help from IT? That can be damaging to the business and slow people and processes down.

    Categories: Digital Transformation, Digitization