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    9 November, 2017
    Columbus Share Analysis for the first 9 months of 2017

    Share analysis of Columbus for the first 9 months of 2017.

    Categories: Corporate

    2 November, 2017
    Columbus Q3 2017: Digitization drives growth

    The global IT services company delivered revenue growth of 6% in the first nine months of the year and growth in EBITDA* of 11%. Growth in cloud and business applications services drives progress.

    Categories: Corporate

    Thomas Honoré
    1 November, 2017
    Spotlight on Columbus

    Thomas Honoré features in an executive perspective in the magazine martinwolf. In the interview Thomas discloses Columbus' strategic journey into providing deep industry knowledge, industry IP and industry processes.

    Categories: Digital Transformation, Corporate, Leadership

    30 August, 2017
    Columbus share analysis for the first half of 2017

    Share analysis of Columbus for the first 6 months of 2017

    Categories: Corporate

    24 August, 2017
    Interim financial statements first half 2017: Columbus maintains momentum

    The global IT services company maintains momentum with 8% revenue growth in the first 6 months of the year. Growth in the services business and cloud drive the results.

    Categories: Corporate

    11 August, 2017
    Columbus among top four IR companies in the Danish Economics Weekly's Top 100 IR Rating

    Economics Weekly rates Columbus among the top four Investor Relations companies in Denmark, thus being the highest rated small-cap company two years in a row.

    Categories: Corporate

    10 August, 2017
    The career ladder is rolled out: When the road from talent to leader is not so long

    Every year between 20 and 30 people start a special internal education in the IT company Columbus. The goal is to turn them into fully-fledged consultants in just ten months. The program is attractive, but only a few are offered the opportunity.

    Categories: Corporate, Leadership

    10 August, 2017
    Talents are not developed in the comfort zone

    Ambitious. Eager to learn. Business oriented. That describes the people who are part of the talent program “Columbus Graduate Program” in the IT company Columbus. Lithuanian Solveiga Jagminaite is one of the few who managed to get through the eye of the needle getting one of the desired positions.

    Categories: Corporate, Leadership

    10 August, 2017
    IT CEO on global employee hunting: "If we fail to grow in this industry, we will end up becoming irrelevant"

    Nobody knows what the world will look like in just two years – especially not the technological aspect of the world. However, one thing seems to be certain and that is that digitization and automation are here to stay. This creates growth in the IT industry, and therefore the software company Columbus is looking for more employees. And they do this with the whole world as the place of recruitment.

    Categories: Corporate, Leadership

    30 June, 2017
    Columbus rated among top three Governance companies in Denmark

    Columbus ranks in the top three of Danish Governance companies in this year’s issue of Economic Weekly’s* Top 100 Governance rating of the 100 largest listed companies.

    Categories: Corporate