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Manage entire employee life cycle in one solution

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Cloud Payroll is a comprehensive payroll and HR software solution that manages the entire employee life cycle from recruitment to termination. The largest payroll and HR team in the Baltic States has pooled its more than 20 years of experience and created a solution that aims to simplify the daily work of specialists and managers.

Supported by powerful business analytics, Cloud Payroll combines HR management and wage calculation. The self-service environment makes the solution very easy to use and allows for internal distribution of administrative load. This is naturally supplemented by e-state services and interfacing opportunities with existing software.

High level of trustworthiness on the market

The solution is used by 120 companies in Estonia. Wages are calculated for more than 80,000 employees every month.

The only pan-Baltic payroll and HR management software

Harmonised processes in three countries. The payroll solution also considers countries’ local legislation.

Dedicated team

Our experienced team contributes daily to ensuring excellent customer support in local languages and constant development of the software solution.

About Cloud Payroll software solution

  • Based on Microsoft Dynamics AX platform and Dynamics 365 Finance platform
  • Integrated Microsoft HRM and Columbus wage calculation
  • Solution is supported by Columbus self-service portal
  • Can be used as a cloud solution
  • Constant product development
  • GDPR-compliant

Company structure
  • Visual hierarchy of subunits, positions and employees
  • Convergence of company structure and financial accounting cost attributes
  • Job descriptions by positions
  • Systematisation of candidate information and files with the help of recruitment projects
  • Skill analysis against skill profiles of positions
  • Finding suitable persons by screening candidates and employees’ skills
Employee data
  • Personal data, contact details and information on relatives
  • Systemic retention of employment contract data and history thereof
  • Holiday and holiday balance management
  • Holiday schedule management
  • Deductions management (e.g. enforcement orders, alimonies and training agreements)
  • Management of discounts and the list of work equipment issued to employees
  • Possibility to add files to employee records
  • Queries from the Pension Centre
Remuneration and taxes
Payroll and taxes
  • Quick wage calculation
  • Separate, group and company calculations
  • Possibility to import wages and deductions
  • Tax accounting in accordance with applicable laws
  • Preparation of ledger entries
Tax accounting
Tax accounting

Estonian tax accounting

  • Minimum social tax check
  • Tax exception calculation (e.g. persons with partial work ability and non-residents)
  • Basic exemption amount

Latvian tax accounting

  • EDS file import (employee tax exceptions, amounts exempt from income tax, details of dependants)
  • Calculation of basic exemption amounts by type
  • Automatic calculation of progressive income tax (20% or 23%)
  • Tax exception calculation (e.g. disabled persons, lack of an employment record book)
Leedu maksuarvestus
  • Sodra file import (employees’ tax exceptions)
  • Calculation of basic exemption amounts by type
  • Tax exception calculation (e.g. disabled persons, pensioners)
tax reports
Tax reports

Estonian tax reports

  • TSDs as XML files (see also the e-state interface)

Latvian tax reports

  • Monthly employee movement report as an XML file (DNK)
  • Monthly income and social tax report as an XML file (IIN and VSOI)
  • Annual income tax report as an XML file (IIN)

Lithuanian tax reports

  • Sodra reports as XML files (1-SD, 2-SD, 9-SD, 12-SD, NP-SD, SAM, GPM313, FR0572, FR0573, GPM312, NP-SD2)
  • Statistical report package
  • Different certificates for employees
  • Fontes report
  • Holiday reserve report
  • National reports
  • Internal reports
  • Microsoft Power BI dashboards (in the self-service portal)
development, skills
Development and skills
  • Previous work and project experience
  • Completed training events and certificates acquired
  • Possibility to add performance appraisal materials to employees’ personal records
  • Setting development goals and monitoring the achievement thereof
  • Training organisation and management
  • Possibility to forward information to training participants via MS Office Outlook
  • Automatic linking of information on completed training with personal records
self service portal
Self-service portal
  • Employee profile
  • Information on absences
  • Holiday application and approval
  • Information on associated persons
  • Health checks
  • Obligations
  • Inventory
  • Discounts
  • Training
  • Identity and other documents
  • Remuneration information
  • Communication
  • Possibility to amend employee data and confirm data amendments electronically
Additional queries
  • Aggregate data on employees
  • Birthdays
  • Seniority list
  • Persons close to employees
  • Employee contact details
  • Number of employees
  • Completed training events
  • Staff turnover by period
  • Certificate validity terms
  • Employee training requirements
  • Health check dates
  • Absences
  • Employees on parental leave
  • Holiday balances
  • Remuneration of active employees
  • Probationary periods
  • Other employee attributes
  • Employee documents and IDs
  • Devices borrowed by employees
  • Legal persons
Additional functions
  • E-state interface – automatic data exchange with the state information system
  • Data export to MS Office Excel for further processing
  • Possibility to develop additional functions based on company specifics
  • Monthly fee – the price is determined depending on company size and number of users.
  • Up-to-date – constantly supplemented with new functionalities and kept in line with legislation.
  • Secure – security is ensured by Microsoft Azure, one of the world’s largest and most certified cloud service platforms.
  • We provide the cloud service – companies do not need to hire separate people for this or invest in server monitoring, hardware updates, licence acquisitions, data backups, etc.
  • Compatible with other software – you can exchange data with the software solutions used in your company.

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