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How we express what we express

How we address, the choice of words and perspectives are some of the factors that influence the reader's perception of us. Small nuances can make a large difference. Our tone of voice is there to help us convey a message, build trust and build consistency and influence our image to our wished positioning. 

Our tonality is based on who we are and what drives us in our daily job. This is how you could describe us our collective personality and agenda in one sentence: 


We are passionate nerds who help our customers becoming winners 


So, how does this Passionate Nerd sound? To make it easier to grasp, we have divided it into three important guidelines:

1. Think outside-in

Try putting yourself in the reader's situation and experience when reading your text. How do you envisage the reader to perceive your tone and your choice of words? Important is also to make sure the reader gets any value out of your text. What knowledge, inspiration or ideas are you trying to convey?

2. Show your enthusiasm

We love to do what we do and we want that to shine through in every text we create! After all, we are Passionate Nerds! Not boring nerds 🤓 . Hopefully, your passion for the topic will be contagious on the reader. 

3. Be personal

Always include your own reflections and experiences. Use a direct wording - as if you spoke directly to that person. You could also make the text easily readable, by inviting the reader with questions - right? Imagine your text as a dialogue rather than a monologue. 

How to get started with a blog

We are so happy that you want to contribute by blogging! No matter whether you are a beginner or feel reasonably comfortable as a writer - here are some things that are important to take with you.

Start writing

Choose a topic that is in your interest - and dare to limit yourself to that specific topic. With a clear delimitation it will be easier to catch the reader's interest and to prove your point. (Yep, you need to know what you want to say before writing it down 😊). So try finding ONE angle/perspective and let that perspective be your theme in your text. 

9 tips to get you started (pdf)

Given it all you've got? 

Got a first draft? Great job! Before sending it to the marketing department, please make a quick check with the check list below. If it helps, pause the text over night, to be as objective as possible when going through the list. 

Checklist for that little extra (pdf)

About images and links

Have you got images that you want to use to illustrate your blog post? Or ideas of images? Tell us, it will help us when publishing your post. Are there any articles that have been used as references or support your text or provide more read into your topic? Please let us know and we will include those links into your blog. 


Hanna Nätt-Falkäng


Hör av dig till mig om du har frågor eller behöver hjälp.

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