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    Leasing Solutions
    Leasing control simplified
    Scalable and agile solution for lease management

    Columbus Leasing is specialized ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV for leasing companies, which enables to manage every aspect of the main lease/loan processes, starting with quotation, up to expiration of leasing/loan contract.

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    Spalio 12, 2017
    10 pagrindinių klaidų renkantis programinę įrangą verslui

    Kategorijos Skaitmeninė transformacija, Proveržis

    16 August, 2017
    The recipe for success lies in your customers' digital footsteps

    Understanding your customers better than they understand themselves is the key to success. Insight into the customer’s digital behaviour is increasingly becoming a game changer when it comes to giving customers the unique and personal buying experience.

    Kategorijos Skaitmeninė transformacija, Skaitmenizavimas, Proveržis

    29 May, 2017
    Disruption. Forget technology. Focus on ambitions and power of action

    Many companies mistakenly believe that disruption is about being on the cutting edge of technology. However, disruption is about ambitions and the power of action.

    Kategorijos Proveržis, Lyderystė, Korporatyvinis

    28 February, 2017
    Bypass the companys immune system

    Why are so many change projects not successful? And why do so many good change initiatives end up in the dump? The reason is the company’s strong immune system.

    Kategorijos Skaitmenizavimas, Korporatyvinis

    25 October, 2016
    Social media send the Law of Jante into retirement

    The social media has legalized the story of our success. We promote ourselves as never before, and it has become acceptable in a culture that for decades has been infused by the Law of Jante.

    Kategorijos Skaitmenizavimas

    26 September, 2016
    Proveržis yra valdymo metodas

    Proveržis (angl. disruption) yra apie viską, bet labiausiai apie technologijas. Tai yra valdymo metodas. Skaitykite Thomas Honoré straipsnį apie proveržio suvokimą.

    Kategorijos Proveržis, Korporatyvinis

    18 August, 2016
    Skaitmenizavimas nėra “neapčiuopiamas” verslo vystymas

    Proveržis (angl. disruption) jau tapo madingu terminu, kuris dažnai siejamas su skaitmenizavimu. Tačiau nors šios dvi koncepcijos yra susijusios, svarbu jų nesuvienodinti. Thomas Honoré straipsnyje sužinokite, kaip jas atskirti ir pasirengti skaitmeniniams pokyčiams bei galimybėms.

    Kategorijos Skaitmenizavimas

    Dygtig eller bare heldig?
    9 June, 2016
    Jūs patyręs ar sėkmingas?

    We keep chasing it. The success. Every day, every quarter and every year. We constantly want to see improvement and reach our goals. In business, success is essential. However, success has a downside. We become dazzled by it, and then we don’t understand the reason for the success. Therefore it is important to be more skeptical of the success than of the defeat.

    Kategorijos Lyderystė, Korporatyvinis

    3 June, 2016
    Jei jūs nemokate už produktą, jūs esate produktas

    If you thought that the sharing economy is non-commercial peer-to-peer exchange between private idealists, then it is time to wake up and face the truth

    Kategorijos Proveržis

    9 May, 2016
    Columbus generalinio direktoriaus Thomas Honore gidas apie proveržį (angl. disruption)

    Disruption hits all industries, from free newspapers, car sharing and low-cost telecommunications. We all know examples from Airbnb and Apple, but disruption is not just something from Silicon Valley; it happens everywhere. Columbus’ CEO Thomas Honoré is co-author of the book Disrupt or die, which is released on May 9.

    Kategorijos Proveržis, Korporatyvinis

    4 May, 2016
    Talentas šnabžda ar šaukia?

    How do you discover new talent in your company? Do you look for those who shout the loudest and quickly show results, or the whispering talent who takes longer to enter the scene?

    Kategorijos Lyderystė, Proveržis