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Organizations considering the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms often wonder about how many different solutions they are currently using - HR|Payroll management system, financial management system, warehouse management system, document management system, etc. - can be replaced by one platform, namely, Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Inevitably, every organization is faced with HR, working time management and payroll solutions. Employees are one of the most expensive, and sometimes the most expensive “engines” of an organization. An effective accounting for payroll costs and managing of specific HR and payroll processes is a major challenge for every organization. From Columbus side, developing HR|Payroll solutions, the focus is to automate as many functions of the system as possible for the purpose of the accuracy and timeliness of the existing calculations and the need to eliminate possible calculation errors to the maximum extent.

Implementing ERP systems, Columbus focuses on the large functional coverage of the platforms, and this is the main purpose why Columbus has developed and maintains HR, working time and payroll management solutions for both Microsoft platforms, i.e. Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (AX).

Organizations today have a possibility to deploy Columbus HR|Payroll localized solutions for Lithuania (BC) and the Baltic States (F&O). The fact is, that we are the only company on the Lithuanian market that can offer HR|Payroll solutions for both most popular Microsoft Dynamics platforms. It allows us during the requirement analysis process for different companies to advise the HR|Payroll solution that best suits their objectives.

Which platform should I choose for the HR|Payroll solution?

It depends on many aspects such as the business specifics, future plans, strategic changes, and other growth ambitions of the organization. Below are the 3 main characteristics we consider important in determining the most suitable platform:
  1. The organization has already chosen a main ERP platform. This is often one of the most important reasons when an organization has already made a strategic choice of a specific Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Finance & Operations platform to manage its manufacturing, finance, sales and other processes. HR and payroll management in the same ERP system fulfils the organization’s objectives to a much greater extent where the unified processes are managed and maintained; objectives to a much greater extent where the unified processes are managed and maintained;
  2. Regional coverage with HR|Payroll solution. This is probably the second most popular criteria choosing the MS D365 platform. Those who manage their business only in Lithuania usually prefer an HR|Payroll solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC). Those operating in different markets are more interested in the HR|Payroll solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (FO) platform due to its different functional coverage - 3 Baltic countries in one solution with a specifically localized payroll calculation methods by country (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia);
  3. The size of the company and the complexity of the HR|Payroll processes. Large organizations or groups of companies are more likely to choose the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (FO) family solution due to the wider range of standard modules and the Microsoft platform itself, since, as large organizations, they have ambitions to grow and expand their business, review, and improve their existing business processes.
    Medium and small sized companies, regardless of their business area (public sector, manufacturing, retail, services, etc.

Each organization also has its own unique objectives and criteria for choosing Microsoft products.

In this case, the aim of Columbus Lietuva is to maintain strong and stable HR|Payroll solutions for both most popular Microsoft platforms. In our opinion, being able to offer our clients a constructive choice of HR|Payroll solutions for two Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms creates additional value to shape the overall concept of the unified ERP.

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English Darbuotojų savitarnos portalas yra asmeninė personalizuota platforma kiekvienam organizacijos darbuotojui. Darbuotojų portalo vienas pagrindinių tikslų – užtikrinti vienoje vietoje prieinamą ir susistemintą svarbiausią darbuotojo asmeninę personalo valdymo ir darbo užmokesčio informaciją. Bendrai pastebime, jog apie darbuotojų savitarnos portalo funkcinę aprėptį reikėtų kalbėti gerokai plačiau, nei tai mato didžioji dauguma bei atkreipti dėmesį į teikiamas šių funkcijų naudas. Mūsų akimis didžiausią naudą organizacijoms teikiančios ir praktikoje dažniausiai diegiamos Darbuotojų savitarnos portalo funkcijos yra šios:
Lietuvių The Employee Self-Service Portal is a personalized platform for every employee in the organization. One of the main objectives of the Employee Portal is to provide, in one place, accessible and structured key personal HR and payroll information for every employee. We see that the functional scope of the Employee Self-Service Portal should be much broader than the majority of people see it, and that the benefits of these features should be highlighted. In our view, the functionalities of the Employee Self-Service Portal that provide the biggest value to organizations and most commonly implemented in practice are:
The aim is to follow the strategy – unify Human Resources (HR) databases across separate business units of different countries using the reliable Dynamics 365 platform. Each country has its own specificity for HR management and is affected by the local legislation system. Nevertheless, the most important HR management rules, unified databases of employees and other contractors, can be managed globally. Each organization can highly benefit from creating a Master HR database and be able to share the HR information with other internal or external systems in a unified way.
Yes, it is, and you gain twice, especially when you know all benefits and strengths of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms in your daily business life and, of course, the possibility to calculate Payroll for 3 different countries. I am proud to present you our Columbus Baltic HR|Payroll solution on Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations platform (previously known as AX or Axapta). This solution is completely unique in the Baltic market due to the following 3 aspects:
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