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Cornelis Bosch

CEO, To-Increase

Cornelis Bosch, CEO of To-Increase

Cornelis Bosch is CEO of To-Increase – an affiliate to Columbus. Cornelis has been a driving force behind To-Increase business development since the company’s inception in 1999 as Focus-ICT. With Focus-ICT Cornelis wanted to create an organization that was more than a solution reseller. He wanted a company that also collaborated with partners and other ISVs to deliver best-of-breed solutions to meet highly-specific industry needs. That vision, shared by the other founding members, led to the birth of To-Increase and its 2005 merger with Columbus.

Former positions include:

  • VP Business Development, To-Increase, 2005-2007
  • Manager Operations, Watermark Innovation, 2003-2005
  • Partner, Focus, 1999-2003