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Jorgen Cadovius

Board Member

Jørgen Cadovius

Jørgen Cadovius, member of the Board of Directors

Jørgen Cadovius, born in 1945, joined the Board of Directors in 2004.

Jørgen Cadovius is a lawyer and has extensive experience in general management as well as legal and company law issues.

Chairman of the board

  • A&C Catering A/S, EMRI A/S, Frese A/S, Frese Metal- og Stålstøberi A/S, Frugtring A/S, Inter Express Transport A/S, Jørgen Schultz Holding A/S, Objective A/S and Theodor Lund and Petersen Holding A/S

Member of the board

  • JS af 14.11.2003 A/S, Schultz Shipping A/S and Schultz Stevedoring A/S