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    25. oktober 2017
    Er ledelsen og styret klar for den digitale reisen?

    Undersøkelser viser at det er mangel på digital kompetanse i nordiske styrerom. Disse fem spørsmålene er viktigst.

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    7. september 2017
    Oppskriften på suksess finnes i kundenes digitale fotspor

    Innsikt i kunders digitale adferd er nøkkelen til å tilby unike og personlige kjøpsopplevelser. Det handler om å forstå kundene bedre enn de forstår seg selv.

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    28 February, 2017
    Bypass the companys immune system

    Why are so many change projects not successful? And why do so many good change initiatives end up in the dump? The reason is the company’s strong immune system.

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    Beyond everyday rowing
    25 October, 2016
    Social media send the Law of Jante into retirement

    The social media has legalized the story of our success. We promote ourselves as never before, and it has become acceptable in a culture that for decades has been infused by the Law of Jante.

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    Digital Intangible
    18 August, 2016
    Digitization is not intangible business development

    Disruption has become a buzzword, which is often labeled with digitization. Even though these concepts are related it is important that they are not put in the same category. Learn how to distinguish and get ready for the digital change and opportunities in this column by Thomas Honoré.

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    10 December, 2015
    Help digitilization is coming

    Today, you cannot read a newspaper without being confronted with the threat of digital companies attacking your market, and how you as a business leader should redefine your business.

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    19 November, 2015
    Digital disruption Something the nerds invented

    Everything went well! Through the years, companies had positioned themselves in the market, the competitors’ strategies were well known, the customers’ needs were predictable, and even though the competition was tough, there was and understanding of the market dynamics. Then suddenly – out of the blue – an extreme disruption occurred. Today, we call it the digital disruption.

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    21 September, 2015
    How to change the engine while the car is driving at 100 km h

    The ERP system, financial system or business system! No matter what you call it, the ERP system is for most companies the heart of the organization. Top tuned a strong competitive advantage, but outdated a barrier that can have disastrous consequences.

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    26 August, 2016
    Social media at work Yes please

    I recently attended a networking event with a number of business leaders. At some point, the discussion tuned into the use of social media at work, and suddenly I was part of a very interesting and intense debate, as a CEO of a small IT company proclaimed, “in his company employees are fired if they use Facebook during working hours”.

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    26 May, 2015
    Set your processes to automatic

    We all come across it in our work. Business processes that do not quite work, are boring or cumbersome, but nevertheless necessary for carrying out our work and achieving our goals.

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    5 March, 2016
    Twitters 140 characters of risk

    The social age is here! At the global event Social Media Week we delved into the opportunities, trends and influence of social media.

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    3 November. 2014
    Hit by the mobile generation gap

    Sometimes you can feel a little old when you think about how life was without smartphones and tablets. This is how I felt recently when I returned from a rewarding business trip. Columbus had just announced the acquisition of the company Dynamics Anywhere, a leading mobility software company. When I came home and told my 17-year old son about the acquisition and the fantastic opportunities it offers our customers, his enthusiasm was not quite the same as mine.

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