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Columbus acquires IT services and cloud company in the UK

1 desember, 2016

Columbus acquires Cambridge Online Systems Ltd., a leading UK IT services and cloud company. The acquisition accelerates Columbus’ growing position in the UK ERP market and means, in addition, a strengthening of Columbus’ cloud competencies globally

Copenhagen, Denmark – 1  December 2016 – Columbus (OMX:COLUM): Columbus (OMX: COLUM) announces today that it has acquired Cambridge Online Systems, a leading IT services company specializing in ERP, CRM and cloud. With the acquisition of Cambridge Online Systems, Columbus seeks to increase its footprint in the growing Microsoft365 market as well as growing its Cloud and Office365 business within the UK.

“We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Cambridge Online Systems. Cambridge Online Systems is a well-established company with a strong customer base, and extensive skills within ERP, CRM and cloud, The acquisition thereby accelerates Columbus’ ambitions to increase our market share and growth potential in the UK”, says CEO and President in Columbus Thomas Honoré.

Since its founding in 1978, Cambridge Online Systems has built substantial market share and today services a large number of customers. Cambridge Online Systems has a widespread reputation for excellent service and high quality, which has attracted an international customer base with a high level of customer loyalty.

“Our UK subsidiary has shown significant growth during the recent years, today holding a leading position in a growing UK market. With Cambridge Online Systems on board we accelerate that progress while being able to service our customers even better”, says Thomas Honoré.

Cambridge Online Systems employs 71 highly skilled ERP and CRM specialists working out of the office in Cambridge. In the financial year 2015/2016, Cambridge Online Systems had a revenue of around DKK 50m.

“Given the global presence, size and expertise of Columbus, I am confident that Cambridge Online Systems will stand stronger than ever in pursuing our ambition to meet and exceed customer demands and the technology requirements of tomorrow”, says David Crabb, Managing Director, Cambridge Online Systems.

The joint entity will be among the leading value providers of digital business solutions and services to companies within the manufacturing, retail distribution and food industries in the UK, well positioned to provide for the needs of customers in the UK in the years to come.

Cambridge Online Systems continues as an independent company. The current management team in Cambridge Online Systems continues, however current managing director David Crabb had decided to leave the company. Managing director in Columbus UK, Mary Hunter takes over the position as managing director in Cambridge Online Systems.

The acquisition is with immediate effect.


Additional information

Tine Rasmussen, Communication Manager, Columbus
E-mail: tra@columbusglobal.com
Telephone:  +45 2969 0677

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