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In an earlier blog, we explained why your field service engineers are one of your best sales reps. They’re as important for customer satisfaction as your other customer-facing employees, such as your customer service and sales teams. The right field service management software can ensure they’re contributing towards as excellent a customer experience as possible.

Here’s how Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) Field Service can do just that.

Deliver a proactive, customer-centric service

Field service software

D365 Field Service empowers your field service staff with the additional insights needed to provide a proactive service instead of a reactive one. For example:

  • Using IoT sensors, you can remotely detect and resolve issues before they become a problem. This can prevent the need for service calls and always keep your customers happy
  • Thanks to IoT data, your business can adopt a preventative service model rather than a scheduled services model
  • As the system consolidates data, you gain a 360-degree view of customer information. This can help you consistently meet and go beyond service level agreements
  • Automated voice and text appointment reminders help keep customers in the loop and boosts their satisfaction
  • AI-driven suggestions based on your customer’s service history can improve your proactive service
  • Personalised surveys can be sent automatically after field service calls. This can help you gain further customer insights to improve your service

Efficiently schedule resources

Field service management software tools

For a service that’s effective for both the customer and your business, you need to be able to schedule resources efficiently. D365 Field Service gives your field service managers and dispatchers the insight needed to send the right technician at the right time. And that’s not all:

  • AI-based scheduling recommendations and a mixture of manual, semi-automated and fully automated scheduling actions make the process much easier
  • Field Service integrates with D365 Customer Service to ensure a unified workflow (e.g. seamlessly prioritise calls and dispatch technicians) while improving operational costs
  • A drag-and-drop schedule board and interactive map feature makes the task of assigning the nearest available technician simpler
  • Scheduling can be automated, thanks to an intuitive schedule board with built-in optimisation features. For example, it can predict travel times, prioritise urgent work, maximise resource utilisation and more
  • Asset history can be managed in one centralised location. You can maximise efficiency by integrating D365 Field Service with D365 Finance and Operations and sharing data with your back-office teams

Ensure first-time fixes

top field service management software

The only thing that will please customers more than a quick fix is a first-time fix. D365 Field Service can help with that by:

  • Giving technicians access to on-the-job guidance. For example, D365 Guides and other mixed-reality tools empower your field teams with step-by-step resources and instructions to close knowledge gaps, reduce errors and build skills
  • Allowing technicians to connect with their colleagues and other experts in real-time to solve problems. D365 Remote Assist assists with cross-team collaboration, bringing employees together from different locations to perform remote inspections
  • Allowing service activity to be tracked while on-the-go. Thanks to the Field Service mobile app (powered by Power Apps), your team can access bookings, work orders and assets, even if they’re offline
  • Managing work orders and appointment schedules while on-the-go. Again, thanks to the Field Service mobile app, your technicians can access customer data, capture photos, videos and voice notes and more

Want to read about D365 Field Service’s capabilities in more depth?

The right field service management software, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, can be just what you need to deliver an unforgettably excellent customer experience. Give your managers the tools to dispatch the right resource to the right location at the right time and your technicians everything they need to succeed the first time.

If you’d like to read about D365 Field Service’s features in more depth, check out our solution factsheet via the button below.

How D365 Field Service can help


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