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When it comes to Customer Engagement, it’s really important that your business gets to know its customers and excite them into making a purchase. But how can you do this if your data isn’t synchronised? Lack of cohesion can lead to extra work, less revenue and stress. 

Dynamics 365 Field Service is part of a suite of integrated Customer Engagement applications from Microsoft. It provides innovative capabilities for streamlined customer experience optimisation.

Likewise, it also automates and integrates the right processes using a unified technology stack that makes the right information accessible at every step.

All your data in one place, available to all your teams.

Let's discuss the benefits in more detail...

Importance of field service

1. Intelligent planning

  • Provides advanced and unique technology that focuses on connecting with and engaging your customers on multiple channels
  • Service agreements and preventative maintenance automatically schedule your work orders and invoices
  • Integrated IoT delivers constant preventative and proactive measurements, and its machine learning optimises your resource management. Combined, these help you better plan your field engineer schedules, helping you to create the right field service

2. Empowered agents and technicians

  • Optimises resources by automatically dispatching the right technicians to the right jobs and the right time
  • Tracks customer equipment and service history through asset management
  • Mixed reality video calling, annotations and file sharing can also help you to connect with technicians and provide remote support

Field service benefits

3. Technology unified

  • Your vital data is centralised which makes it easier to visualise information, create custom dashboards and generate reports
  • Streamlines data, along with its required automation and integration capabilities across all your apps, processes and systems
  • Assists in driving better business for growth and future innovation

Building a connected field service model

With the advent of advanced analytics, machine learning, and augmented reality capabilities, organisations are moving towards a connected field service model. We want you to achieve the best from your business, and we believe Dynamics 365 Field Service can help.

Download our brochure to read about the above features of the Field Service solution and how they can benefit your business in more depth.


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