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To all our prospective food and beverage clients out there, we won’t sugarcoat it—we think we have more to offer you than the other guy. And we want you to come on over to Columbus for FREE!

You’re focused on industry authority and growth, so we know you’re mindful about staying up-to-date with the best software and tech for your business. But are you holding your current technology partner to the same standard?

It’s simple: The team that supports your software investment can be the deciding factor in how effective it is. That support system is an essential piece of the success-puzzle, so check in with your gut and ask—is it time for an upgrade?

Obviously, we think we can be the technology partner that dreams are made of in terms of digital transformation, ERP implementation and support. For starters, we have ColumbusFood, a like-for-like ERP solution to your current system with all the bells and whistles designed exclusively for your industry—including transformational solutions to meet your digital strategy today and beyond. Reimagine your business with:

  • Intelligent Manufacturing: Manage all aspects of your business with data collection, real-time analytics and monitoring
  • Customer Experience: Provide transparent, clean labeling of products to enhance brand loyalty
  • Traceability: Instantly pinpoint where contaminated goods are and minimize the impact to consumers
  • Internet of Things: Leverage connected devices to monitor machine performance, raw material conditions and freshness 
  • Networked Supply Chain: Collaborate with suppliers, distributors and customers in a centralized view to manage inventory, logistics and predict seasonal demand
  • Quality and Safety: Automate the quality management process and adhere to regulatory and compliance controls

Unlike other standard ERP solutions, ColumbusFood is designed exclusively for food and beverage manufacturers and distributors with industry features such as forward and backward lot traceability, box tracking, farm segmentation, nutritional analysis, batch scheduling and so much more. We know that technology by itself is just a tool. And that’s why we surround you with solutions that go beyond enabling your business—to driving it.

Did we mention we want you to join us for free? All you have to do is pay maintenance.

Here's the rundown:

  • Get ColumbusFood, a like-for-like solution, for free—just pay maintenance
  • Enjoy our micro-vertical specializations—including producebakerymeat and poultrydairy—out of the box with the features your users enjoy and your business can thrive on 
  • Experience the delivery and support that your current partner is lacking such as ColumbusCare, our support application and infrastructure management services
  • Maximize your investment in your solution with the least risk, by using the expertise of an established food industry partner and dedicated team of industry experts
  • Stay in the cloud, just upgrade your tech and partner

ColumbusFood ERP was built from the ground up for the food and beverage industry. It leverages the Microsoft technology stack and provides end-to-end capabilities from production and processing, all the way to the store shelf.

Whether you work in bakery, brewing, confectionery, dairy, meat and poultry, produce or processed foods, this ERP solution can start impacting your operations right away. It’s designed to give you superior quality control, efficient planning and scheduling, accurate inventory management and better analytics.

Sold? Reach out to a ColumbusFood expert to learn more.

Upgrade your partner. Upgrade your technology. Columbus


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