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ColumbusFood is a complete food solution that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It provides functionality to accommodate the specialised requirements of the food manufacturing, distribution and associated sectors.

The emphasis is on the key control points which are Store, Control, Produce, Test and Track and Trace functionality. ColumbusFood can aid the growing complexity of the food and beverage industry, as well as the pressures for innovation.

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Changing regulations and market trends. Allergen management. Product recalls. Food loss and waste. These are just a handful of the issues facing the food and beverage industry. Discover more and how you can tackle them in our comprehensive guide below.

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What challenges does ColumbusFood solve?

Batch control and lot tracing

This helps customers have visbility of where exactly their food has come from and will enable you to act quickly and accurately if a recall situation arises.



Ingredients and label management

This ensures compliance to legal requirements and increased demand from consumers to be more transparent, due to an increased emphasis on health and wellbeing.


Waste management

Reduces waste with the use of co and by products. This ensures that we can provide alternatives for 'waste' products and reduce its footprint overall while also increasing your revenue sources.

Allergen management

Manages the FSA guidelines in declaring allergen information. With new legislation imposing stricter controls and the requirements for transparency, allergen control and information is key.

Quality control

Built in quality right from the start, ensuring the best end product for your customers with the correct tests and monitoring systems applied, giving you more visibility to take action if needed.

Optimised supply chain

Controls and tracks the flow of materials, yield process, associated costs and their supply to customers, both internally and externally.

These features combined with those of the standard Business Central offering provide a holistic system and essential tool for the requirements of the modern, fast-paced food manufacturing environment and associated industries.

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How does ColumbusFood work with Business Central?

ColumbusFood is a solution that is embedded within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The licence for the ColumbusFood solution in the Cloud includes the licence for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. If you implement on-premise, the licences have to be purchased separately.

Why not give your food business a best practice health check?

The ColumbusFood Best Practice Assessment can help you identify where you may be 'behind the curve' and highlight areas within your business that can help you to create a competitive advantage.

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Laura Gilbank

Laura Gilbank

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