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As our society progresses, the challenges in the life sciences sector grow more complex. With the increasing demand for pharmaceuticals and medical technologies comes a wave of evolving consumer health expectations, tighter regulatory requirements, rising R&D costs, and intensified competition. To succeed, your life sciences business must be ready to adapt and embrace change at every turn.

Implementing the right digital solutions can streamline your operations, from research to patient care. By simplifying complex processes, organizing crucial research data effectively, and enhancing the transparency of your supply chain, your business can efficiently and accurately meet the demands of the industry. At Columbus, our expert teams guide ambitious life sciences organizations through every step of their digital transformation journey.

We offer services within: 

Medtech  |  Pharmaceuticals |  Biotech  |  Life Science tools & services

Let us help you realize the full potential of your business. Below you can find the areas that we work in.

360-degree Life Science Validation & Testing (IQ, OQ, PQ) Regulatory compliance & Quality assurance Sustainability Data management & Analytics Manufacturing Supply chain management & Serialization Research, Development & Clinical trials IT & Security Sales & Customer journey


Regulatory Compliance & Quality Assurance

We offer comprehensive solutions for creating and sustaining a transparent, fully auditable quality system that are equipped with timesaving and risk-reducing features, offer seamless integration with your other business systems, and provide best-in-class search capabilities.

Quality Document control Major and minor versioning, excellent authoring and review engines, electronic and digital signing capabilities, change request handling and full ‘GxP’ compliance.
LMS with train-by-trainer activities LMS (Learning Management System) with train-by-trainer activities, self-learning and employee qualifications
Issue and CAPA management Issue, non-conformance and CAPA ensuring issues are no longer lost in emails, spreadsheets or random forms in a siloed system.
Audit and Validation Management Audit management for internal and external audits and inspections. Validation Management for any computer system, asset or facility.
Supplier Assessment Supplier Assessment including recurring re-assessment and auditing.


Validation & Testing (IQ, OQ, PQ)

Maximize product reliability and compliance with our targeted validation and testing services. Here’s how we can assist you:

Testing & Documentation We ensure that equipment, systems, and processes not only meet regulatory standards but also achieve operational excellence. Our tailored approach aims to enhance efficiency, minimize compliance risks, and accelerate time to market.
Automatic testing Our approach encompasses a variety of automated testing methods, designed to rigorously assess every facet of product performance and reliability. We prioritize sustainable compliance through continuous monitoring, offering real-time feedback to lower the risk of compliance issues and maintain the highest quality standards in your products.
Validation tool kits We offer modular validation tool kits and empower your teams with the knowledge and support needed to effectively operate it and validate systems and assets.


Research, Development & Clinical Trials

Optimize your research, development, and clinical trial processes with our specialized support in these critical areas:

Product Development & Documentation Streamline your product development lifecycle and full Engineering Change Request (ECR) support, ensuring that your innovations meet both market demands and regulatory requirements efficiently.
Risk & Hazard Management We provide comprehensive risk management solutions that help organize risk and hazard management. Our services support the identification and documentation of analysis results, test results, and mitigation actions. Effective visualization is also key to understanding complex relationships between hazards, sequences of events, and harms.


Supply Chain Management & Serialization

We streamline your operations and increase the efficiency of your supply chain with focused solutions in these key areas:

Traceability & Expirations We implement lot tracking using serial numbers or batches as a best practice to optimize inventory management. We also help manage expiration dates or shelf lives to ensure that materials are used effectively, minimizing waste and reducing costs.
Visible planning & Distribution We help you to automate distribution planning in a systematic way to ensure the efficient delivery of goods. This encompasses the process of efficient delivery across various locations, optimizing quantities and timings to meet your needs.



We offer comprehensive support to enhance your production processes in the following key areas:

Equipment Maintenance We can seamlessly integrate planned maintenance with production planning and execution activities. This ensures that equipment and plant maintenance occur at the right time, maintaining an optimum level of production efficiency.
Quality Inspection We help you enable an easy quality inspection of work, with basic laboratory and Inspection Control using specifications for testing.
Receipt (Product Structure) We provide support for revision handling, history if replacing an item, and configuration of structures for changeable features.


Data management & Analytics

We empower your organization to get the full potential of your data through strategic management and analytics. Here’s how we can help:

Reports & Dashboards (BI) Your business users can make effective data-driven decisions by visualizing data and using intuitive self-service dashboards to extract actionable insights.
System Integrations Seamlessly connect with other systems like MES, LIMS, etc., to set up and manage document subscriptions within the ERP system. This facilitates the exchange of electronic documents in various formats, such as XML and flat files, and allows you to build and implement logic effectively.
AI & Advanced Analytics Utilize advanced AI & ML for predictive analysis, such as forecasting and identifying trends, to anticipate future needs and drive strategic decision-making.


Sales & Customer Journey

We help create and deliver personalized experiences that consistently engage and delight your customers and partners in the following areas:

Unified commerce strategy Creating a unified commerce strategy that centralizes and unifies your customer and product data on a single platform.
Digital supply chain orchestration Enabling orchestration across your digital supply chain by leveraging digital technologies, product information, and assets to optimize overall performance and quickly respond to changing conditions.
Gaining customer insights Gaining customer insights to achieve a deeper understanding of your customers, from knowing what they're looking for and the right time to reach out, to their previous interactions.
Omnichannel support and service Providing consistent, connected, omnichannel support and service that earns and keeps your customers and partners for life.


IT & Security

We can help build or expand your security strategy and landscape by combining identity security with leading cybersecurity and business disciplines, crucial for protecting sensitive life sciences data.

Identity & Access Management Directly prevent phishing attacks by giving personnel access only to what they need, when they need it. Regular reviews and the removal of unnecessary access further secure sensitive information.
Cybersecurity Ensure NIS2 compliance to safeguard your infrastructure against cyber threats and breaches. Adhering to these standards is vital for protecting patient data, ensuring the integrity of clinical research, and maintaining public trust in healthcare products and services.



With sustainability becoming increasingly important in the life sciences industry, we can assist your organization in enhancing your sustainability initiatives.

Optimize ESG reporting strategy Optimize your ESG reporting strategy. We can help you assess and enhance your ESG data management, ensuring high-quality insights.
Digital Product Passport requirements We help you get ready for the DPP requirements and align your strategy to it. Together we evaluate available technologies and define concrete steps towards the implementation.
Improve forecasting accuracy Integrate operations to better assess usage patterns, enabling precise purchasing plans and reducing waste from expired or unused products.
Improve resource utilization Gain comprehensive insights into your raw materials to pinpoint and address inefficiencies in resource management and use.

Elevating your success in complex environments of product development & compliance

In addition to delivering a robust platform, we extend our expertise through targeted solutions like QMS, PLM and CAPA tools. Approaching all projects with a holistic mindset and focus on your challenges we go beyond regular IT implementations. Our focus on efficient searching, enhanced audit and compliance processes, SOP management, and improved categorizing/indexing of documents help companies achieve operational excellence.

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