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The annual ode to brick-and-mortar shopping is almost here! If you work in retail, you’ve probably been crossing off your calendar for months now, but Black Friday is days away. All too often talking about tech through a retail lens is synonymous with e-commerce. But what about the in-person experience? Never underestimate the power of face-to-face interactions or the feeling a customer gets holding your product in their hands. Brick-and-mortar stores are not becoming obsolete for the savvy, customer-centric innovators out there.  
You've probably heard about the benefits of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations module. By unifying and automating your financial process with advanced AI, D365 F&O enables your business to reduce operational expenses and make smarter and faster decisions. Today, customers have numerous options for customizing and addressing their operational reporting within Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

6 tech-driven ways your brick-and-mortar can conquer Black Friday and beyond

4 min

Here are 6 technology-driven ways your brick-and-mortar store can improve supply chain operations, employee productivity and customer experience.

Why you should upgrade to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

2 min

With AI, analytics and cloud benefits, upgrading to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is an added advantage for your ERP needs and customer engagements.

How the right ERP system can help a dairy producer with promos & rebates

2 min

A dairy producer's ERP system should be able to support promotions and rebates with ease. ColumbusFood for dairy is a dairy specific ERP system.

How an ERP system can help a dairy producer with date labels

2 min

Dairy producers must meet date label requirements for customer satisfaction. ColumbusFood ERP can help your food and beverage business comply.

3 key takeaways from User Group Summit and Power Platform Summit

3 min

With User Group Summit and Power Platform Summit 2019 done, we wanted to share some key takeaways Columbus had from the conference.

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At Columbus, we have several clients who deal with customer rebates as part of their business. This is a real scenario I recently ran into with one of my customers:
At Columbus, we deal with many clients who need to place holds on sales orders as a part of their business.
When standard costing setups are made in Microsoft Dynamics, the process can be a little overwhelming — “item model group” and “item group” need to be defined, and a purchase order and a sales order must be processed. Then you need to create an invoice and review financial postings on the voucher form. Whew!
What’s the difference between warehouse status change and inventory status change in Dynamics 365? When the items in your warehouse are no longer available for sale — or items become available for sale — the change needs to be reflected in your inventory. In this situation, users can either take advantage of the periodic tasks inventory status change, or warehouse status change. What’s the difference?
If you’re in any business where transportation costs and charges are a significant part of merchandise costs—there's a chance you might be looking for a way to allocate these costs to the inventory cost of your items, in order to get a more accurate landed cost.
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