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Are you still running Dynamics GP with on-premise servers? There are some cons to that—higher maintenance costs, sole responsibility for data security & backups and ongoing hardware investments, to name a few. There are some big benefits to getting off the old on-premise servers. As a project manager, here's my take on the cloud's biggest "wins".  
Here's a common scenario for Dynamics 365 Finance users: "Company A" has a purchase order for $1,000 in January that will be a part of a fixed asset. There will be two additional PO’s that will be part of this fixed asset, but won’t be invoiced until February and March. The asset should not be placed in service until all three invoices have been posted.

5 questions to ask your project manager before moving from Microsoft Dynamics GP to the cloud

3 min

Hosting Dynamics GP in the Azure Cloud is a great way to secure your applications and data, save CAPEX and OPEX costs and modernize your infrastructure.

How to purchase a fixed asset through a PO with Dynamics 365

5 min

Purchasing fixed assets through multiple purchase orders or requisitions can be handled through normal configuration in Dynamics 365 Finance

GP Workflow, a few things you should know before you start...

2 min

Learn how to use workflow functionality in version Dynamics GP 2013 R2 and after

How do I create a data strategy and data plan for my business?

5 min

How do I create a strategy and plan around data? This blog answers in two parts: getting data in one view and gleaning insights with overlay capabilities.

How to export Data Management errors to Excel

3 min

In D365, Data Management can contain errors you can't export. Find out how to export all the staging data error messages and their associated records.

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At Columbus, we have several clients who deal with customer rebates as part of their business. This is a real scenario I recently ran into with one of my customers:
When standard costing setups are made in Microsoft Dynamics, the process can be a little overwhelming — “item model group” and “item group” need to be defined, and a purchase order and a sales order must be processed. Then you need to create an invoice and review financial postings on the voucher form. Whew!
What happens when you generate a report using the Management Reporter application in Dynamics GP? Where are your reports going?   Many people don’t realize that the Management Reporter Library is an integral and unavoidable part of the report viewer. It allows you to organize reports for electronic distribution and navigation. But here's the unavoidable part: all reports, when generated, get stored in the Management Reporter Library… Every. Single. Version.  
What’s the difference between warehouse status change and inventory status change in Dynamics 365? When the items in your warehouse are no longer available for sale — or items become available for sale — the change needs to be reflected in your inventory. In this situation, users can either take advantage of the periodic tasks inventory status change, or warehouse status change. What’s the difference?
At Columbus, we deal with many clients who need to place holds on sales orders as a part of their business.
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