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It’s always a good idea to have a contingency plan ready. This has never been more true. The COVID-19 situation has compelled companies to opt for remote working solutions for their employees, and contingent workforce and services must now come to the forefront to keep the show going.
We’re all coping with new challenges in light of COVID-19. Companies are working quickly to adapt employees to remote work, which can create issues with on-premises applications and infrastructure.  As people move from the corporate network to their homes, older systems and methods for accessing applications are becoming problematic.

When you need staff augmentation to keep ‘the show going on’

3 min

Technology-enabled solutions for a contingent workforce can be a huge relief in a time like this. But how do you apply them to get the best out of it?

Is your on-prem infrastructure hindering your remote workers?

3 min

In light of COVID-19, companies are going remote, which can cause on-prem apps and infrastructure issues. Here's the tech needed for a remote workforce.

How Artificial Intelligence is used – and how it’s reshaping business

5 minutes

See how AI is revolutionizing the business landscape and why it'll be a key driver of incremental growth, productivity, innovation and job creation.

How food manufacturers can Manage Fresh with the right technology

3 minutes

Although food manufacturers face several challenges today, the technology solutions they are embracing are proving effective in overcoming these hurdles.

What’s all the hype about Power Platform? And how does it work with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

5 minutes

Learn why Microsoft Power Platform, combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365, is steadily becoming mandatory for businesses to digitally transform & modernize

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