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Getting started with Azure Cloud infrastructure can be both frightening and exciting! However, the first steps are always the most important, and planning your cloud migration budget is an excellent place to start. It assists you in organizing your procedures, estimating costs, and preparing for the giant leap.
Businesses today operate in a hyper-competitive atmosphere, propelled by constantly evolving digital technologies. Engagement levels between customers and businesses are undergoing paradigm shifts; customers’ expectations and attitudes are placing tall demands on customer service and service delivery management.

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What factors impact the cost of cloud migration

3 min

Make the switch to the cloud! Learn about the factors that influence the cost of cloud migration and how to digitally transform your business.

How to guarantee great service delivery management?

3 min

Service delivery management is a vital part of any organization. Learn more about implementing a system to provide quality customer service every time.

How to leverage AI to improve predictive analytics in Healthcare

3 min

Learn how artificial Intelligence and healthcare are complementing each other in leveraging predictive analytics to enhance patient care, treatment and access to treatment, and research.

Columbus named a top VAR for 2021 in Bob Scott’s Top 100 VARs 2021

Columbus ranks third in the top of Bob Scott’s Top 100 VAR list as a Microsoft and Infor technology partner.

6 reasons why you need Microsoft Power BI

3 min

Learn the top 6 reasons why you need Microsoft Power BI and how partnering with Columbus helps in its easy implementation.

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Get one step closer to creating the perfect customer experience by putting yourself in your customer's shoes. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “customer experience”? 
When standard costing setups are made in Microsoft Dynamics, the process can be a little overwhelming — “item model group” and “item group” need to be defined, and a purchase order and a sales order must be processed. Then you need to create an invoice and review financial postings on the voucher form. Whew!
At Columbus, we deal with many clients who need to place holds on sales orders as a part of their business.
At Columbus, we have several clients who deal with customer rebates as part of their business. This is a real scenario I recently ran into with one of my customers:
Here's a common scenario for Dynamics 365 Finance users: "Company A" has a purchase order for $1,000 in January that will be a part of a fixed asset. There will be two additional PO’s that will be part of this fixed asset, but won’t be invoiced until February and March. The asset should not be placed in service until all three invoices have been posted.
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