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Remaining competitive and relevant in the world of retail has never been more important. Today it’s all about giving your customers a streamlined shopping experience across all channels – one that anticipates their needs, satisfies their demands and empowers your team with the tools to do so. Leading retailers are looking for technologies that enable holistic shopping experience and create a fully integrated value chain moving from just transactions to relationships.

We, in Columbus, help our retail customers rapidly respond to the “new norm” by enabling right technologies, intelligent insights and efficient approaches to creating seamless customer journey and operational excellence.

We offer services within: 
Fashion & Apparel  |  Jewelry  |  Grocery  |  Electronics  |  Home goods  |  Pharmacy  

Let us help you realize the full potential of your business. Below you can find the areas we work in.

360-degree Retail Strategic Planning & Demand Management Unified commerce experience AI & Data Insights Customer Relationship Management & Customer Data Platform In-store experiences Marketing, Branding & Channel management Inventory Planning & Management Order orchestration & Fulfillment


AI & Data Insights

We help you maximize the value of your data and customer insights by unifying sources across the customer journey and bringing personalized customer experiences to life.

data-driven decisionsEnabling your employees to make data-driven decisions based on facts rather than a gut-feeling.
customer insights to create personalized Providing real-time customer insights to create personalized customer experiences.
data warehouse, and big data analyticsEstablishing your data flow with an analytics service that brings together data integration, enterprise data warehouse, and big data analytics.


Unified commerce experience

We help you elevate your customers shopping experience both online and in store to build customer relationships that last across all touchpoints.

unified commerce strategyBuilding a unified commerce strategy that centralizes and unifies - your customer and product data on a single platform.
customer journey - connecting both digital and physical touchpointsIncreasing customer engagement with personalized and seamless buying experiences across the customer journey - connecting both digital and physical touchpoints.


Strategic Planning & Demand Management

We are providing you the key to manage inventory plans and distributions end-to-end, for a faster and more resilient supply chain.

automating supply chain activitiesEnsuring you can deliver the right product, at the right time, in the right place by optimizing and automating supply chain activities across your value chain.
predictive analysis through machine learningHelping you gain deep insights on the drivers of change with demand forecasting and predictive analysis through machine learning and AI.
Helping you improve planning and availability across all channels.Helping you improve planning and availability across all channels.


Inventory Planning & Management

We help you optimize store operation and gain insights to determine how much inventory should be on hand to meet consumer demand.

collaborative supply chainBuilding a more cost-effective, collaborative supply chain
customer expectations 24/7Delivering stock availability and ensuring your inventory meets customer expectations 24/7
Efficiently maintaining optimal inventory levelsEfficiently maintaining optimal inventory levels so if the unexpected happens, you still can meet the customer’s demand.


Marketing, Branding and Channel management

We help you build your brand and improve the omnichannel strategy.

insights into your customers journeyGiving you the insights into your customers journey across marketing, sales, and commerce to provide a holistic customer experience.
data to strengthen relationships and earn loyaltyCreating relevant and personalized customer experiences based on real-time customer insights and your data to strengthen relationships and earn loyalty.
potential customers across all channelsBuilding a customer-centric approach and consistent communication in your branding and marketing efforts, with existing and potential customers across all channels.


In-store experiences

We help you bring your in-stores experience to the next level.

customer insightsEmpowering your employees to deliver an excellent customer service by providing the relevant product knowledge and customer insights.
improving instore processes<Digitizing and automating non-value-added work and improving instore processes
ship from locations closer to your customerEnabling your stores to function as fulfillment and distributions centers that allows you to ship from locations closer to your customer.


Customer Relationship Managements & Customer Data Platform

We help bring your workforce closer together and build long lasting customer relationships with real-time insights that drive loyalty and growth.

360-degree customer real-time insightsIncreasing your value by mastering customer acquisition, conversion, and retention by having 360-degree customer real-time insights
loyalty with intelligent engagementBuilding customer relationship and loyalty with intelligent engagement


Order orchestration & Fulfilment

We help you optimize your inventory, track your portfolio through multiple dimensions and ensure you deliver the right product, through the right channel, with the speed and convenience that consumer expect.

orchestration across your supply chainDelivering intelligent end-to-end fulfillment optimization that helps you maximize order orchestration across your supply chain.
automating your entire supply chainTransforming and automating your entire supply chain.

Learn how to solve 6 core challenges along the customer journey

In our new industry report we dive into:

  • Fast Deliveries and Click & Collect

  • Mastering the customer journey online

  • The Physical Store and Merchandising

  • Having a 360-degree view and knowledge about your customers

  • Customer service and employees

  • Making the most of after-sales

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Columbus - a trusted partner for retail transformation

The industry knowledge of our highly skilled experts enables us to provide the full range of retail business-critical services and solutions adapted to your needs. From enabling new technologies that drive efficiency to advising on the right processes that drive your business growth, we bring digital transformation into your business. We stay with you at every step of the journey to ensure a smooth transition for your employees, helping maximize your value chain to thrive far into the future.
in-depth industry & tech experience
including skilled retail experts
our coverage with global resources
enterprise & large SMB globally
multiple winner of "partner of the year" awards


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