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Companies are increasingly appreciating the benefits of hiring rather than buying equipment. However, the rental industry faces challenges with regard to  technology, complex operations and changing customer demands. 

Optimizing all the stages of your rental value chain plays a key role in the success of your business. Increasing efficiency through a 360-degree overview of all your assets, streamlining your operations and maximizing the use of your equipment or machinery are critical factors impacting your business. 

With Columbus, manage and future-proof the availability of your equipment rental to improve utilization and profitability.

Anticipate these impacts with our rental and lease offerings:


Effective management of complex multi-channel orders, transport costs and invoicing within a single process


Integrated management of diverse equipment service and resource needs with insightful overviews and automation


Access to data anytime, anywhere, on any device for your mobile workforce


Mobile solutions-equipped field resources; solutions that work seamlessly with ERP


Proactive insights into demand forecasting and resource planning needs


Reduced equipment maintenance time and cost with optimal service efficiency

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Rental and lease management

Our rental and lease management solutions offer advanced functionality that is flexible to meet the needs of your business.
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Unsure of how to evaluate the right rental solution?

Give yourself the advantage of a holistic guide on finding the correct equipment rental solution. In this Guide understand and resolve key challenges the rental and leasing industry faces.
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Technology is transforming the rental industry

Learn more about these six change avenues and how technology has become the game changer in the rental industry.

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Eazi Acces improves operations with Columbus rental management solution

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The world is undergoing a lot of changes led by a steady increase in construction projects and infrastructure spending around the world; this has, in turn, resulted in the equipment rental and leasing industry witnessing an all-time high.
How do you like your maintenance? Preventive or corrective. The good old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ holds good even in the context of equipment maintenance. If your equipment rental enterprise's revenue depends on the functionality of your equipment, you would want your asset break downs to be minimal. Preventive maintenance ensures that.
Organizations today are striving to adapt quickly to a rapidly evolving market. One sector which is witnessing new avenues for incremental growth is heavy equipment. The catchword here is Servitization--industries using their products to sell the outcome as a service, as opposed to the traditional sales model. Simply put, customers nowadays prefer to rent equipment rather than block their own capital by purchasing.
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