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Manage the most complex cloud ERP deployment processes seamlessly, optimize your business-critical operations, reduce time, save money—everything, with just one step—Cloud ERP software implementation. Join forces with an experienced and efficient ERP cloud vendor to harness their know-how to assess, upgrade, and customize seamlessly.

At Columbus, our in-depth industry knowledge and experience in mitigating inherent risks and optimizing resources while moving from on-premise to cloud has helped several businesses successfully navigate the roadblocks in cloud ERP implementation, upgrade or replacement.

Reduce TCO

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is one of the main concerns that businesses have. With the cloud-based ERP, you will see a significant reduction in the server-related costs as access is through the browser.

Easier upgrades

Cloud-based ERP release cycles are continuous with regular upgrades, making for easier updates. Helps you engage your developers in strategic work instead of tactical processes.

Flexible customization

Cloud-based ERP customizes applications as per business needs easily. Merging different app codes and managing deployments across varied environments without ISV support are added benefits.

Secure with Azure

With high-quality security, state-of-the-art data protection, control features, and numerous compliance offerings, Microsoft Azure supports the creation, rapid deployments, and management of your business applications

Scalable basis needs

Seamlessly scale user management, functionalities, integration capabilities as per your changing business needs. With the cloud, improve your scalability without too much development work and consultancy fees.

Easier access

Remote accessibility to data is the need of the hour for all users—employees, partners, or vendors. With Cloud ERP, you can offer stakeholders the option to access data from their own mobile devices.

Why move to the cloud?

Get this toolkit to understand if your business needs the Cloud ERP by:

  • Identifying a need to move to the cloud
  • Mapping advantages of the cloud to different stakeholders
  • Learning critical features of Microsoft Dynamics 365
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The road to the cloud

Download a one-stop guide to ERP implementation, which includes:

  • Tips to convince your board to move to the cloud
  • Considerations while preparing to move to the cloud
  • Things to consider while selecting your cloud service provider
  • Steps involved in the ERP deployment
Download Toolkit

Cost of implementing the cloud

Understand the costs involved the ERP implementation with this toolkit that covers:

  • Factors that influence the cost of the cloud
  • A step-by-step process of calculating the cost
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Are you getting what you need from your partner?

ColumbusCare SWIFT is our 30-day fast track support package which will manage your critical business applications. Join us today and experience our world class customer operations team.

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