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Manufacturers today must have access to accurate, real-time information to make quick, smart decisionsto reduce production times and costs, mitigate risks, operate sustainable supply chains, and deliver high-quality products to consumers.

Improved connectivitybetween the machines on the plant floor, individual devices and buildings—provides manufacturers with improved agility, collaboration, visibility, efficient operations, benchmark production quality and customer satisfaction.

How we mitigate risks and maximize ROI

Leverage Industry 4.0
Optimize asset production and management with real-time insights into connected devices.

Enhance Visibility
Enhance visibility
Gain a transparent view of operations through a data-driven digital supply chain.

Accelerate innovation
Accelerate innovation
Create smart, connected products - from engineering and shop floor design, to production and supply chain.

Industry 4.0 for mid-sized manufacturing companies

Industry 4.0 has raised the stakes for enterprises like never before. Learn how you can compete adeptly by accelerating the pace of innovation and growth with technology.

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Why an ERP-driven 'digital thread' is critical for manufacturing

Learn why a manufacturing company needs to weave a digital thread across its functions, and why an ERP solution is essential to optimize business.
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Envision your future in manufacturing

Learn the various ways in which the Fourth Industrial Revolution is radically transforming the manufacturing landscape. One in which discrete manufacturing software solutions are proving to be game changers.


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