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What does it take to be a successful ERP solution architect?

2 min

Being a successful solution architect is about much more than math and numbers, it requires interpersonal skills and communication skills.

Does Workflow for Dynamics GP really work that way?

3 min

Learn how to use Workflow in Dynamics GP to streamline and record approvals on invoices or payments. Read five tips to manage workflows in Dynamics GP.

How to capitalize on food waste with ColumbusFood

2 min

Learn how food manufacturers can streamline and capitalize on food waste management with ColumbusFood co-product and by-product functionality.

Apply maximum focus on high priority orders

5 min

How to apply maximum focus on high priority orders in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 2012R2 using work templates and mobile device menus.

Columbus holds onto #2 rank in Bob Scott’s Top VARs List 2019

2 min

Columbus Global is ranked #2 for the second year running on the 2019 Bob Scott's Top 100 VARs List.

Project management challenges? Here's how to tackle them

3 min

Learn how to address ERP project management challenges. Here are a few tips on how to address risk management, staffing, schedule deadlines and budgets.

Create a corporate culture that is ready to reap the rewards of AI

3 min

This blog focuses on the value of artificial intelligence (AI) and acts as a guide to developing an AI strategy for your business.

6 key takeaways from Microsoft's 2019 manufacturing trends report

7 min

Breaking down Microsoft's white paper discussing the key trends in the manufacturing industry and how to adapt a similar business model in your industry.

How to transform your food distribution business with ERP

3 min

International Food Products used ColumbusFood ERP to gain an intuitive CRM system that helps support all efforts related to serving customers

4 ways to troubleshoot performance issues in Microsoft Dynamics GP

2 min

Troubleshooting performance issues on your Microsoft Dynamics GP can be challenging. The blog will tell you how to resolve your GP issues in four steps.

Back to the ERP basics part 2: Paging Captain Spock

4 min

The advanced functions in your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can include advanced data and analytics capabilities, IoT, AI and more.

Back to the ERP basics part 1: The origin story

2 min

What is enterprise resource planning (ERP) and what can it do for your unique business needs? ERP is an excellent tool for real-time business insights.

Management Reporter Library—What is that?  Where is that?

3 min

The Management Reporter Library is an integral part of the Report Viewer in Dynamics GP. Ever wonder where your reports go when you generated them?

A simple step to better security

3 min

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) can be vital to your IT security strategy. Discover how you can enhance your company's security in easy steps.

Three ways to start your journey towards unified commerce

4 min

Unified commerce is the new omnichannel—the next step in the transition required for companies to meet the expectations of today's customers. Start today.

How to adapt your food and beverage business in the digital age

3 min

Discover the five ways you can digitally transform your food and beverage business. This blog introduces our industry-specific whitepaper.

Manage your direct delivery from the workbench

5 min

Direct delivery for distribution can increase on-time deliveries and reduce costs. Find out how you can manage your sales and inventory using D365FO

Five technologies that will reshape customer experience

3 min

Five technologies affecting customer experience: chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (loT), VR/AR and data analytics

How to put yourself in your customer's shoes

4 min

By using a customer journey map and tracking habits of potential clients, you can better understand your audience and adjust your strategy to reach them.

Serialized box tracking: A powerful tool for the food industry

6 min

Understand the concept of lot tracing and serialized box tracking and how serialization helps you in the warehouse processes.

Elevate your business in the cloud

2 min

Migrating technology systems to the cloud can be a great opportunity for companies in the food and beverage industry. Learn how your company can benefit.

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