Align you ERP and business strategy with RapidValue BPM

To build the bridge between strategy and software features, you need to find a way to translate your strategy into business events and actions people take. Those you can relate to software features that support them. This activity requires a sound approach and an effective tool. At Columbus, our approach is business process management (BPM), a practical discipline that examines and optimizes the strategic relevance and productivity of the activities in a food company.

Taking advantage of BPM with RapidValue, you can draw a direct line between your company strategy and the activities people perform. However, there are more ways in which RapidValue enables and supports your company strategy. Together, the consistent alignment of company strategy, processes, roles, and ERP capabilities, in combination with these contributing factors, enables your food business to faster generate a substantial ROI from your technology investment.

The RapidValue tool already covers 80 percent or more of the processes and activities in food companies.

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