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So you just upgraded to the latest release of D365 F&O / SCM and you noticed that some things may not be working exactly as they were before? Indeed, Microsoft has changed the update process for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Some updates will now default to turn on features automatically, and other feature updates will be mandatory.

Microsoft has released the 2022 features that will be enabled automatically. View that list here. Microsoft denotes which features are enabled automatically, and for which users.

Some examples of updates that were automatically activated in February include:

These changes to Microsoft’s update process mean that users could log into their systems one morning and see an unexpected change. Unplanned updates – minor or major – can cause unnecessary stress and require manpower and time to navigate and understand.

In some cases, these unplanned-for changes could have a significant impact on business operations, especially if you have customizations.

For example, if you use Supply Chain Management for inventory planning, your operations might be based around the system replenishing inventory in a particular way. If you came in one morning and the system stopped working the way you’d configured, you might think the system was broken. A worst-case scenario: You might not notice the updates until you start running out of inventory, getting too much inventory or production shuts down.

Managing Updates

It is possible for companies to manage, understand and prepare for these updates on their own, but many find the process time-consuming and stressful. Microsoft has multiple websites, and information for updates and features may bounce around from page to page, leaving you scrambling to find what you need.

Work with a trusted partner that knows how Microsoft operates and how to analyze and prepare for the impact of updates on your business.

ColumbusCare offers a release management service. We work with organizations to identify which updates are coming from Microsoft and how they’ll affect your current Dynamics 365 system, including your customizations. From there, we manage the update implementation process, including any necessary tests, and provide guidance on integrating the new updates into your day-to-day processes.


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