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A solid commerce platform is a foundation that enables customers to easily find products on a variety of devices and ensures that accurate delivery, pricing and availability promises can be made.  At Columbus, we also ensure that you are able to gather the best data, process it faster and adapt your presence in the market to meet ever-changing customer demands.

We provide this through integrating with and leveraging the core capabilities of:

  • AI-driven automation
  • CRM
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Content Management (CMS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

One size does not fit all, and our flexible “Connected Commerce” service will help you re-define your market proposition, and valuable insights obtained into the direction and future of your brand… And then determine your immediate vs longer-term priorities.

Operational efficiency

Cloud-based connectivity with standard connectors to core ERP solutions like D365FO, enables your business to launch a “Connected Commerce” solution with faster time-to-market, high ROI and low maintenance costs

Analytics & transactional behaviour

Our deep experience within the D365 ecosystem enables your business to benefit from core insight tools, together with real-time customer behaviour analytics as they interact with your touchpoints

Grow your brand experience

We enable your business to enrich your customer experience through integrations spanning AI, CRM, product information and content management, offering your customers highly personalised and relevant buyer journeys in real-time, reinforcing your brand message and engagement


The B2B Buying Process 2019 Report

Discover how to meet buyers’ demand for (Better) B2B e-commerce. In this report, we review the role of and demand for e-commerce in the B2B buying process. We look into
professional buyers’ current and future needs, and advise you on how best to meet them

Will your business grow, or will it shrink? Or worse... die.

It’s easy to point to the big players like Amazon and see how they leverage technology to grow exponentially but other, smaller organisations have achieved this growth too!


Your Unified Commerce Recipe

Unified Commerce is best achieved by creating a road map of business changes, projects and initiatives that can be executed. But what does the journey to Unified Commerce look like?

Mark Bennigsen

Service Development Director

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