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A solid Commerce platform is the foundation that enables your customers to easily find the product they're looking for, on any device and ensures that accurate delivery, pricing and product availability promises can be made. 

One size does not fit all, our flexible “Connected Commerce” approach will help you maximise your market proposition utilising Commerce, Content Management Systems (CMS) and Product Information Management (PIM). 

What can Connected Commerce do for you?


Improve the conversion rate of your website visitors

Give your buyers an easy, streamlined, online shopping experience. Small changes to your Commerce site such as decreasing your page loading time, reducing number of clicks to purchase and ensuring consistent messaging across platforms, combined with more advanced features like highly personalised content, will improve user experience and ultimately, boost your conversions.

Increase average basket value and boost sales

Understand more about what your customers want and need with real-time customer behaviour analytics as users interact with your touchpoints. Armed with this information, you can effectively use features on your Commerce platform such as product bundling, upsell or cross-sell and personalisation to increase average order size and deliver more value to your customers.

Decrease your returns rate and improve customer satisfaction

Empower your buyers with improved product information and customer reviews to give them a true picture of the product they're looking to purchase. Combine this with a personalised experience to help them find the right product for their needs; it's then less likely they'll return it, reducing costs for you and improving satisfaction.

Our insights

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