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Tackle business growth and transformation the right way.

At Columbus, we can help you achieve the business transformation you’re after, digital or otherwise. Our 200+ professionals are ready to combine their cross-industry and technology expertise to help you navigate value, organisational and change management.

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A digital transformation project is filled with various challenges – particularly, creating a digital strategy and choosing the right people with enough expertise to lead the initiatives. You need a vision and goals in place to reach it to give your team a purpose to work towards. And of course, you need a combination of talent and technology to execute your plan.

Columbus offers a comprehensive set of advisory services to initiate, execute and help you realise your vision. We will help guide and support your change and transformation initiatives.

Our transformation methodologies

As part of our Strategy and Change service, we focus on two key areas: value creation and business change management.

How we will help you achieve a value-driven, people-centric approach

Lead a business value creation culture

Offer governance for your value management discipline

Build a clear, bold and compelling vision for new value and gaining buy-in on priorities

Plan the roadmap and pace of the change while ensuring maximum engagement

Maintain a focus on value in every change and consistently tracking and measuring benefits

Establish opportunities for further improvement and the evolution of the value

How we will help you manage change

Plan activities to establish and promote your change vision

Help you understand, define and plan for the impact of change

Create change journeys tailored to your business’s precise needs

Build the right change networks in your organisation

Continuously measure the effect and progress of your change project

Our success stories

Learn how we've helped companies like yours realise new value and manage change.

Our insights

Dive deeper into the world of business transformation and change management. Here are our top resource picks from our industry experts…

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