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The equipment and rental market is seeing tremendous growth and opportunity, with many businesses turning to rental to save or spread out costs. 

From heavy equipment businesses that manage international fleets, bulk and serialised equipment and complex forecasting and budgets, to car or household/office goods, the market is facing pressure to adapt business models and processes to keep up with changing customer demands.

Our DynaRent Rental Management Solution is proven to handle traditional and changing rental trends, with functionality that spans virtually any scenario.

What can we offer your business?

Track onsite asset utilisation

Track the movement and usage of your equipment onsite to understand if there's room for improvement and to ensure you're billing the customer for the correct amount of use.

Minimize gaps in your service

Keep track of equipment performance, inspections and potential repairs throughout the rental period to assess and prepare any replacement equipment while another is being serviced.

Improve transport planning

Using our graphical planning board, you can plan the best possible routes and times for delivery and pick-up of your assets to multiple customers, controlling costs and minimizing any delays.

Make more data-driven decisions

Manage diverse equipment service and resource needs with data rich overviews and automation. Use proactive insights to forecast demand and resource planning needs.

Provide a consistent customer experience

The teams that interact with your customers on-site would benefit from access to customer history and requests. Ensure this is seamless by equipping your teams with the right mobile technology.

Julian Smith

Business Development Manager

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