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Turn your product stories into a competitive advantage

In a digital-first world, product information is your most valuable asset! Craft compelling stories, build buyer confidence and quickly adapt to changing needs – all from a single platform.

inriver empowers organisations to deliver revenue-driving product information at every customer touchpoint. inriver’s digital-first Product Information Management (PIM), powered by the industry’s only elastic data model, enables marketing executives to bring to life compelling product stories for high engagement purchases, get actionable guidance on what influences buying decisions, and quickly adapt.

As a result, B2B and B2C businesses turn product information into a strategic asset at the leading edge of driving revenue.

We’ve been working with inriver PIM since their humble, local start-up days and have seen them grow into the global product information management (PIM) player they are today. This means we can provide businesses like yours with a high-quality platform and we have years of experience in implementing it while ensuring it aligns with your goals.

When you partner with us, you gain access to...

A highly experienced team

We have over 20 PIM specialists who have successfully deployed and have been serving our 25+ clients who use inRiver PM.

Years of industry knowledge

With the knowledge we’ve gained from over 30 years of experience in implementation projects across a variety of industries, we can ensure relevant best practices are applied to your company.

Fast implementation process

Our streamlined approach to solution implementations mean robust, high quality, scalable PIM solutions can be rolled out quickly. 

Enhanced data visibility and productivity

By integrating your systems, you can benefit from increased visibility across your digital and in-store channels. Your teams can now easily and quickly find the information they need.

A unified commerce approach

Integrated systems allow your data to be fed through into a centralised location. This means a single source of truth for your teams.

The power to turn one-time purchases into repeat buys

Thanks to increased data visibility, your teams will be empowered with deeper customer insights and the skills to turn visitors into buyers and loyal returners. 

James Moses

James Moses

UK Director of Commerce

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