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With the digital landscape forever evolving, it's never been more important to provide engaging customer experiences, allowing you to cut through the noise from your competition. This is why you must look towards a solution that enables you to deliver brand consistency and omnichannel experiences throughout your customer journey.

Columbus have partnered with censhare, a proven omnichannel content platform, offering the ability to provide consistent omnichannel customer experiences, every time.

What value will you gain from our partnership?​ Our experts will have your back throughout your implementation, ensuring you have the required support to conquer any challenges along the way and get your teams up to speed on the changes you're making.

With clients like Allianz, Lands’ End, Dyson, Christie’s and hundreds more under their belts, let's take a look at how your business can rely on Columbus and censhare to make the most of every opportunity, and reach the right customer at the right time.

Add use cases as your business grows

Content hub

Create a single source of truth for your teams.

Headless CMS

Connect with any system, device or application and control censhare via external systems.

Brand management

Unify all assets such as logos, brand artwork, images and control its adaptation and usage.

Print production management

Create and produce print material with integrated page planning, workflows, and automation.

Marketing project planning

Plan, manage, and visualise marketing campaigns across the organisation and with suppliers.

Variants Management & Targeting

Create context between information and content to personalise content based on profile and segmentation.

Work with us and benefit from...

Manage all content within a singular platform

Censhare enables you to deliver the right messages at the right time by streamlining your content. Increase publishing frequency, speed up content projects, and more.

Deliver flawless CX with connected content

Keep your content under control with a singular source of truth, bringing together every image, video, document and file to deliver targeted information faster and cheaper.

Unlock enhanced ways of working for your teams

Achieve a higher output and faster time to market, reduce errors, and save money by enabling flexible, all digital workflows across your business.

A partner with years of experience and industry knowledge

We’ve been implementing digital business solutions across a wide range of sectors for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve picked up various industry best practices.

Turn 'one and done' transactions into lifelong relationships

Drive business growth by re-using your existing content, with automated content transformation making it easy to engage customers in new channels.
James Moses

James Moses

UK Director of Commerce

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