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There is no correct way to attract and retain your customers. Across industries, organizations are reaching out to their consumers across multiple touchpoints. All of us have witnessed the surge in digital campaigns to attract new and retain the existing ones.

On the flip side, consumers are reaching out to organizations in an unprecedented manner. Their purchases is driven by the ease of doing business and interacting with your brand across devices.

At Columbus, we provide services related to Digital Commerce that allow organizations to create compelling digital commerce experiences. These services enable a two-way communication allowing seamless interactions between your organization and the consumers.

In today’s digital age, every positive customer experience can elevate the brand image and increase customer loyalty.

Seamless customer experience

A modern customer experience powered by digital capabilities to strengthen growth

Drive growth

Drive revenue and grow your business across channels and market segments

Increase customer loyalty

Understand customer behaviour by interacting with them across multiple touchpoints

We have the right solution for you...

Fact Sheet

Will you Grow or Shrink in Today’s Digital Marketplace?

Organisations that have matured into the digital marketplace utilise the latest technology and are ensuring their position in the top right corner of the Commerce Quadrant. Enabling them to meet the elevated buying patterns of the digital consumers and businesses.
B2B eCommerce Report

How to Meet Buyers’ Demand for (Better) B2B e-commerce

Learn more about the b2b buying process and how effectively use eCommerce to grow your business.
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Your Unified Commerce Recipe

Achieving Unified Commerce is best achieved by going on a journey and identifying a road map of business changes, projects and initiatives that can be executed.  But, what does this journey to Unified Commerce look like?


Fact sheet

We offer the only completely servitised, fully out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics 365 B2B eCommerce solution

In 2018, 57% of B2B executives said their top technology need for investment was an e-Commerce platform, making it the highest reported need (BigCommerce). An integrated e-Commerce solution gives you the power to delight your customers and maximise your revenues.

Mark Bennigsen

Services Development Director

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