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Regardless of whether they visit a website or a brick-and-mortar store, today’s customers want an experience that’s engaging, satisfying and consistent. To create an omnichannel and holistic environment, retailers need to be embracing Connected Commerce.  

Connected Commerce will allow you to get to know your customers so they can shop according to their personal preferences, have their needs anticipated, their frustrations evaporated and their demands satisfied. 

At Columbus, we provide Connected Commerce services that will allow you to design compelling online experiences. These enhanced experiences will boost your brand image, attract customers and foster lifelong loyalty. 

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What makes an excellent e-commerce tactic for a B2C business won't necessarily be the case for a B2B. That's what our three speakers will discuss on 9 December at 10am. Register for the webinar to learn about the ingredients for success in B2B e-commerce.

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What can we help you achieve?

Understand customer behaviour and increase loyalty

Gain deeper insights into your customers’ behaviour so you can take steps to give them what they’re looking for, reduce your returns rate and encourage loyalty.

Enhance your brand experience

A combination of AI and in-depth customer insights can allow you to make personalised product recommendations to upsell and cross-sell and ultimately increase basket value.

Boost the conversion rate of your website visitors

Streamline the shopping experience for your customers and enhance the conversion rate, such as decreasing page loading times, ensuring consistent messaging and reducing the number of links to purchase.

Operational efficiency

Your CMS can benefit from cloud-based connectivity so you can enjoy faster time-to-market, de-siloed systems and low maintenance costs.

One integrated source of truth

A single Product Information Management (PIM) system can bring all your vital data onto one platform, improving overall visibility for your teams and boosting productivity.

Empower your teams with the data they need

Thanks to an integrated PIM system and CMS, data is more visible and your teams can easily access the information they need to see. Less time spent searching for data, more time spent on business-critical tasks.

All you need to know about using commerce to boost customer satisfaction and sales

A connected, customer-centric strategy can help you boost satisfaction and sales - even during the age of the informed consumer. Read about the modern buying process, connected commerce, digital transformation and more in our ultimate guide.

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We’ve got the right solutions for you...


Enhance your connected commerce offering by bringing every aspect of your products onto one system.


Ensure your customers’ online experiences, from landing page to checkout, are seamless with a CMS.


Let your customers easily find the products they’re looking for on the device of their choice.

Mark Bennigsen

Services Development Director

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