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Why choose Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Optimise financial operations

  • Reliable customer payment predictions, effective cash flow management and forecasting
  • Real-time financial visibility across the company to drive timely, data-driven decisions
  • Indirect procurement spending control and expenses management with assigned policies and fast approvals 

Protect your revenue

  • Accurate project quotes, forecasting, estimation, scope, and contract management
  • Increased retention & optimal employee efficiency, quality of work, project delivery
  • Minimised loss in revenue due to payment fraud, associated operations costs and wrongful rejections

Adapt quickly & reduce costs

  • Effective credit and collections management
  • Quick adaption to changing regulations like tax, reporting, e-invoicing, payments and business documents
  • Easy system customisation and integration which eliminates data siloes and broken processes

Empower workforce

  • Single source of truth application supported through advanced analytics and insights
  • Intelligent tools and applications that improve and replace manual business processes
  • Collaboration and real-time task alignment amongst workers and across the business

Enhance supply chain visibility

  • End to end visibility of your supply chain and upstream and downstream impact prediction
  • Precise demand planning with better alignment between Operations and Commercial teams
  • Cross channel inventory visibility with real-time insight into product location and stock levels

Build agile planning & distribution

  • On-Time product delivery by real-time supply optimisations, production planning and assets predictive maintenance
  • Optimised sourcing and fulfillment strategy with a fast and sophisticated supplier qualification process
  • Accurate merchandise planning by visibility over retailer stock

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP offerings

BUILD intelligent and adaptable SUPPLY CHAIN

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Automate and modernise your financial operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Columbus – A trusted Dynamics 365 ERP Consulting Partner

With highly skilled experts on Microsoft Dynamics 365 in our team, we provide smart ERP consulting services to businesses of all sizes. Our consultants will help you streamline your critical business operations and optimise your results. Right from selecting the Dynamics 365 features and customisations to implementing them efficiently, we'll support you all through your ERP implementation journey.

Also, we assist in licensing, customisations, integration, support and maintenance.


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