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Today, the support, technical upgrades, and security patches to on-premises ERP are slowly grinding to a halt. Moreover, businesses are seeking ways to empower their employees to work better. 

One of the ways to ensure that your business is agile enough to meet the stringent demands placed on it is moving your on-premises ERP to the Cloud.

If you are currently running your business on Dynamics AX, it is time to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365! 

With the entire world working remotely, on-time access to different applications, verified and updated data, access on the move, and ensuring security and compliance becomes critical. D365 offers a modern interface with built in best practice processes, making cloud migration a smart move.

However, to migrate from on-prem Dynamics AX to Cloud-based D365, you need an in-depth assessment, the right preparation, and the help of an experienced partner. 

Benefits of migrating from AX to D365

Increased Efficiency

See marked improvement in the performance and speed of your applications, which can ease the workload of various departments. 

Improved Productivity

Enable your skilled resources to contribute more value by providing them with business insights in real-time, on a device of their choice. 

Enhanced Security

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps strengthen the overall security posture and improves the operational resilience of your IT environment continuously.

Steps to migrate to Cloud

Step 1

Find the right partner to support you in your Cloud journey. Columbus, with over three decades of experience, has the expertise and knowledge to help you! 

Step 2

Let’s start with a comprehensive assessment of your current ERP environment to assess your company’s capabilities for the migration

Step 3

Prepare a business case specific to your company. Identify process dependencies, migration priorities, and build a detailed roadmap to the Cloud.

Want to learn how prepared your business is to migrate to the Cloud? Assessing your company’s current status and preparedness will enable you to make migration to the Cloud much easier?  

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Ole Fritze

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