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The future belongs to companies that are data driven. Either you adopt business intelligence solutions and prepare your business for the competitive future or be overtaken by the companies that do.

How can your business become data driven?

For your business to sustain and flourish, you need insights into your present business situation. Easy access to these insights is, therefore, essential to respond quickly and proactively to a change. The response will allow you to reap optimal benefits from your decisions and experiment based on different scenarios and simulations. Thus, a company’s journey to becoming a truly data-driven starts with the implementation of a robust BI solution.

CBI Solution - A future-proof business platform

With Columbus Business Insight (CBI) Solution, you will get to realize business value from day one. We will create the right BI foundation that will get you going quickly and be ready for future enhancements. The foundation laid by the CBI Solution allows you to build use cases for advanced analytics and support them with machine learning, AI, big data, advanced analytics, and IoT technologies. It will further enable your BI maturity to grow depending on your business needs, without reimplementing or making expensive and time-consuming refills.

Want to know more about CBI Solution and how you can quickly and easily start a data-driven business?

  • Get started with baseline BI solution and apply the insights to your business
  • Experience faster time-to-market and user adoption with Power BI
  • Integrate your existing business intelligence solution with CBI
  • Realize a flexible and future-proof BI system built on Microsoft standard components
  • Deliver far greater insights than Power BI with CBI Solution

We help you integrate the CBI Solution into your infrastructure and ensure 100% user adoption in your organization. Our expertise and experience - your profit realization.

Benefits of CBI Solution

Start with BI

Begin with a baseline BI easily and quickly to prove the value of the solution

Accelerate user adoption

Accelerate time-to-market and user adoption efficiently with Power BI portal

Use existing BI

Continue to use the CBI Solution along with your existing BI solution

Experience robust platform

Get a flexible and future-proof platform built on Microsoft standard components

Realize powerful analytics

Experience more powerful analytics than Power BI with CBI Solution

Create self-service reports

Create self-service reports and increase business value using Power BI

Martin Clothier

Martin Clothier

Technical Director

Start your data-driven journey with CBI today!

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