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How Mixed Reality can impact manufacturers bottom line

Discover the transformative power of Mixed Reality (Virtual reality and Augmented reality) in the...

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How to maximize asset performance and uptime in manufacturing

How can you optimize asset performance, reduce maintenance costs and increase cross-team...

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How to improve your planning efficiency in manufacturing

Big data technologies are helping manufacturers improve demand forecasting accuracy. Find out how...

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Digital transformation of supply chain in manufacturing: lessons learned

This blog looks at how manufacturers are making their supply chains more cost-efficient, resilient...

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How to deploy and support trained AI and ML models

In this blog we cover how to seamlessly deploy your trained and tested AI/ML model and monitor its...

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Lift your Infor platform’s usability to new heights. Tips and tricks revealed

Discover which Infor features are underutilized and how to elevate your platform experience.

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Retail in recession: How to grow your e-commerce in volatile times

In this blog, we go through the economic downturns rippling through retail as the Northern Europe...

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