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80% of digital consumers now state that quality product detail and content is the key factor in making a purchase decision. The need to enhance your connected commerce offering with a quality Product Information Management (PIM) system has never been more critical.

As an integrated single source of truth across your categories/ranges, you can place your product marketing and merchandising teams firmly in control of your day to day digital trading activity, streamline workflows and minimise the operational overheads of data migration.

Operational efficiency

Cloud-based connectivity to core D365, PLM and external supplier services to onboard updated product information, de-silo and remove data bottlenecks, and drastically reduce time to market

Measurable trading success

Empower your merchandising teams to enrich your product detail and increase your conversion rates (15% - 30%) and whilst significantly reducing products returns (10% - 25%) 

Grow your brand experience

Increase customer satisfaction between 20% – 35% and integrate with curated content, CRM and your AI / automation services to enhance your personalised customer offering


What does success in the ‘new world’ look like for your business?

There are many things we have taken from 2019 into 2020… but there’s one you really need to take note of; your customer is in total control, the success of your business relies completely on them. In our latest guide, we explore how you can keep pace with your customers' expectations and the tools that you need to be competitive in the ‘new world’.
PIM Calculator

Building the frictionless path to purchase

PIM is at the heart of commerce. Centralising product information, improving business productivity, powering content syndication to shorten time to market. ROI has two sides, so calculate your personal results now using the inRiver ROI PIM calculator.

9 Key Recommendations for Succeeding with PIM

This guide will help you get the most out of your investment in PIM (Product Information Management), helping you accelerate digital commerce growth and improve customer engagement and satisfaction.


Will your business grow, or will it shrink? Or worse... die.

It’s easy to point to the big players like Amazon and see how they leverage technology to grow exponentially but other, smaller organisations have achieved this growth too!
Mark Bennigsen

Mark Bennigsen

Service Development Director

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