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With an evolving organization, your business framework will change, creating a pressing need to adopt new IT solutions. The global pandemic has forced companies to minimize manual work and accelerate their digital transformation. As your business-critical applications become more complex, achieving operational efficiency with existing resources can be challenging.

In this scenario, you require an efficient system to manage your applications and infrastructure to support your business's stability, growth and changing needs. This can be an uphill task to maintain. Modern application and infrastructure solutions require an array of specialized skills and resources. Obtaining these skills and resources can not only be expensive, but these resources can also be difficult to find in today's competitive business environment.

Outsourcing such integral IT business functions can seem daunting. But, leveraging the expertise of an experienced third-party servicer will add value to your processes and take a considerable load off your internal teams. In this blog, we will explore Application and Cloud Infrastructure Management services in detail.

1) How does outsourcing application and infrastructure management help you?

Leveraging the services of an Application and Cloud and Infrastructure team of experts can help you build more efficient IT systems in your business. A few benefits of considering a ColumbusCare application and Cloud and infrastructure management services include:

  • Better alignment of your IT strategy with your business strategy
  • Reduced risk from equipment failure, cyber-attack, downtime, and data loss
  • Decreased IT expenses through optimized performance, improved budgeting, and planning with predictable monthly costs
  • Maximizing application reliability with service level agreements for better application uptime and business continuity
  • Modernized execution of your core infrastructure components— security, firewall, networking, backups, and system monitoring
  • Protecting data and enabling data integrity with best-in-class cloud security services
  • Enable proactive monitoring to ensure high application performance and availability
  • Improve your service delivery by getting higher value on your business application investments with optimized processes and guaranteed uptime

1.a) Infrastructure Management

  • Aging on-prem system: Working with aging on-premises equipment can negatively impact the performance and reliability of critical business applications. This may lead to more persistent speed and efficiency issues if not addressed in a timely and effective manner.
  • Keeping up with technology advancements: Your in-house IT team may not have the experience and expertise to work with the ever-evolving technology. Moreover, focusing on everyday infrastructure problems can prevent them from spending adequate time on other productive tasks.
  • Dwindling workforce productivity: If you are experiencing application downtime and stability issues that are taxing your available resources, a managed service contract may be a perfect solution. Just the right resource when you need them can maximize your applications' uptime.
  • Increasing asset maintenance costs: Older on-premise systems cause an increase in your company's capital expenditure. By accelerating your digital transformation process and investing in the right technology and managed services, you can shift from capital to operational expenditure.

 1.b) Application Management

  • Cost transparency: Without a streamlined application management system, you may not have clear insights into overall application maintenance costs — making it challenging for leadership to make strategic and informed business decisions. A managed service provider can provide you clearly defined operational support costs
  • Limited expertise and resources: Your internal IT team already has crucial business assignments to address. Relying on them to resolve application problems, which need specialized skills, may not be the best decision for your organization. Apart from costing you more time and money, it would also hamper your team's productivity.
  • No incident management process in place: Lack of a clearly defined process to report, track and resolve a service request by your end-users can lead to confusion and frustration. This would further result in less user adoption of your technology investment and unnecessary downtime.
  • Recent application changes: The rapidly changing technological environment calls for quick learning and adaptation. Keeping your internal IT team abreast with these advancements increases your training costs and slows down your processes.

2) What do you get with ColumbusCare?

ColumbusCare is a modular service catalog with configurable (scope, technology, service hours, SLA, etc.) services which help you monitor, maintain and manage your IT systems. Here is an outline of services that are included in ColumbusCare:

2.a) Application Management Services

Enable proactive monitoring to optimize your application performance. With expert Application Management Services, your systems would run at peak efficiency even in the busiest operating hours. Our Application Management Services provides day-to-day support for your end-users, ensuring their time is spent utilizing the applications and not working on fixing the applications. Our Application Management Services include:

  • Incident Management
  • Release Management
  • Application Uptime
  • Testing
  • Transition Management
  • Application Monitoring
  • Quality Assurance

2.b) Infrastructure Management Services

Wondering how to deploy your solution in the Cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid infrastructure? We provide enterprise-grade support for all your infrastructure requirements with the following services:

  • Database Management
  • Microsoft Azure Services
  • Server Migrations and Modernization
  • IT Security Assessments
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Workstation Virtualization / Monitoring
  • IT Service Desk
  • Networking

2.c) Service Delivery Management

As a part of ColumbusCare, you would also get a dedicated project expert to offer strategic support and manage your daily operations to meet your business requirements.

2.d) Business Consulting

Our dedicated team of business consultants provides in-depth analysis of the crucial business process against industry best practices — helping you optimize your business stability.

2.e) Service Desk

With our ITSM-based 24/7 service desk support solutions, you can improve your employee user experience.

3) How are we different?

Here are a few critical aspects that set ColumbusCare apart from the rest.

Highly-experienced team: With us, you will get to work with a company with 30 years of solid industry experience and expertise. Your business challenges will be understood and resolved by our team of professionals and experts with decades of industry experience. They have an impressive track record of working with diverse companies to address their complex business challenges. You will be working with consultants who have:

  • Average Columbus tenure of 10-12 years
  • Average industry tenure of 15-20 years

You will be able to work seamlessly with consistent support from our 300+ dedicated consultants. Operating 24/7, we serve our over 500 ColumbusCare customers in 9 different languages. We help solve more than 75,000 cases of clients spread across 45 countries every year.

Configurable services: Our services can be customized as per your unique requirements. Whether it is the SLA, scope, or service hours, you can configure our services to meet your specific needs — solution optimization, support, operations, and management. You can leverage application management and cloud and infrastructure management services in one go and do not have to look for separate service provides for the same.

One service desk: Communicating with different consultants/partners for every service can be counter-productive and time-consuming. Regardless of how many services you want to leverage from us, our organization structure provides you with one partner to enhance service and communications efficiency.

Flexible pricing models: We provide high value for your investment. That said, we also offer flexible pricing models to accommodate your budget and requirement. Configurable services also offer flexible pricing models, helping you choose what is right for your budget and business needs.

Irrespective of your business's scope and nature, ColumbusCare can efficiently support your crucial application and infrastructure needs. Want to know more about our ColumbusCare services?

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