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Our aim is to help you deliver delightful and connected customer experiences through integrations and automation  with the least possible friction. We will collaborate with you to create your digital strategy , including a roadmap that allows you to benefit from a more value-first, agile and customer-centric approach.

Value, Growth & Experiences

We can be a true advisor for you. From establishing your vision to optimizing your website based on findings in the data.

Value means different things to the companies we work with. We engage with your key stakeholders to understand what value means in your business, what your value drivers are and how value can be unlocked and help create an aligned and strategic roadmap.

We also help you to maximize commercial outcomes such as sales and customer retention. By using a data-led approach, we provide insights about how to make your customers’ experience delightful with  guidance on how to continuously optimize your solution to increase value and ROI. Our delivery is based on a set of well-documented processes and a group of industry specialists and advisors.

Areas: SEO, CRO, A/B Testing, Personas, Customer Journey, UX & Visual Design, Omni-Channel Engagement & Online Merchandising. 


Based on solid best practice we guide you to establish a commerce solution adapted to your needs for the future.

Our approach considers the people, business, processes and technologies required to create rich content, drive actions from analytics, deliver pricing and promotion changes, and, acquire and retain customers.

We put the customer at the heart of what we do and consider each of their touchpoints throughout the customer buying journey. We collaborate with selected best-of-breeds partners to successfully deliver outstanding commerce solutions.

Areas: B2B, B2C, D2C, PIM, Marketplaces, In-Store Solutions, Payment, Search & Recommendations, Review & UGC.

Customer Portals

We guide and help your business to mature and grow.

Our Portal offer is the next evolution from a Commerce solution. A Portal maps the procurement process of a buyer group, digitizes sales processes and supports companies with after-sales activities and the provision of digital services. It also simplifies everyday work for customers and creates efficiencies in sales administration.

Areas: Customer Portals & Self-Service, Customer Service & Chat, Role-Based Dashboards & Configurators.

Corporate & Brand Website

Good storytelling breaks down barriers and builds relationships.

A corporate or brand site with the ability to tell stories about your brand, your products and your mission is critical to create experiences that connect with customers. Whether you have Commerce capabilities or not, the experiences that you create online can create a deep and powerful influence on the way that customers perceive your company.

We help you to create the solution, optimize marketing operations, create digital services, and continuously experiment to create an optimized site and communication style that strengthens customer relationship throughout the customer life-cycle.

Areas: CMS, DAM & Content HUB, Marketing Automation​, Personalization​ & Customer Data Platforms.

Modern Architecture & Integration

To future-proof your business, the technologies and solutions that comprise your platform must interoperate seamlessly, smoothly and simultaneously to be able to extract value from your data.

This enables new services to be deployed faster and more easily utilizing the enormous value that lies in an ever-increasing amount of data. To succeed, you need an agile, skilled and knowledgeable technology partner who can advise on technologies, migration and business strategies while also implementing and making each system to work together. We are advocates of a modern commerce architecture based on microservices, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless, and use our expertise to advise you every step of the way.

Areas: Composable Commerce Architecture​, Cloud & API-driven Architecture​, Data & Integration Framework​ & Master Data Management.

A word from Erling

"Today's customers are buying an experience, not just a service or a product, so it’s important to create a seamless and relevant brand experience for them. They expect you to be consistent, proactive and efficient in all channels and devices."

Erling Schjetne, Business Unit Executive.

Dan Andersson

Dan Andersson

Customer Experience Expert

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