eCommerce drives customer-focused growth with the right insight

When you engage in eCommerce and are active in various retail channels, you create revenue by taking your offerings directly to the customers who use them. Doing so can be transformative and accelerate your business growth when you exploit the opportunities of learning more about your customers’ needs and preferences, consider their feedback in your product design and marketing, connect with them across retail and social channels, and deliver an excellent customer experience. For your brand, eCommerce exposure can mean heightened equity and increased visibility.

eCommerce allows you to connect to your customers in a transformative way while increasing your equity and visibility

Columbus eCommerce – key benefits

Deliver an outstanding, autonomous customer experience

The Columbus eCommerce solution lets you optimize the shopping environment without technical headaches. Your customers don’t ever need to abandon your site or their shopping carts. They can enjoy an immersive, consistent environment with rich content tailored to fit their devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops. On their own and whenever they like, they can find the products they want, assisted by prompts and sorting choices.

Customers will cherish the ability to take care of their orders and account details without requiring help. In the background, you can monitor site traffic and purchasing trends, making site enhancements without disrupting customers’ searches and transactions.

Grow your business across channels and market segments

When you effectively, time after time, deliver what customers want, growth is inevitable. Sooner or later, you need to extend your retail offerings. When you use Columbus eCommerce, you can do so in a controlled, predictable manner, using business analytics and insight tools on the Dynamics 365 platform. This gives you insight it your retail data and helps position your business to the most promising customer segments.

In eCommerce, you can roll out the same overall retail strategy across online, field, catalog, in-store, and phone sales, but track detailed results per channel. If multiple retail sites are your best option, you can easily adjust navigation and design to fit customer preferences in various markets.

Create and evolve a top-quality ecommerce environment.

With Columbus eCommerce, you can build connections to social media channels and blogs to see what the buzz is about your company and its products, and to keep customers informed about your news and offerings. In managing transactions, you keep them fast and efficient by automatically applying business rules regarding pricing, promotions, discounts, and coupons.

Customers can set up their wish lists so you can follow up, set them at ease, and deliver what they’re looking for. Setting up and updating promotion and product pages with dynamic and static content is easy.

Key features

Win and retain B2B customers, extend your brand, and boost revenue generation

Columbus eCommerce comes with a wealth of capabilities to help you take best care of customers, manage increasing numbers of transactions, and grow your business. Some highlights:

Offer a productive B2B retail environment.

How much interaction and support do your customers want? Let them handle business on their own as much as they like. They can control their account detail, view order history, track shipments, simplify reorders, reset passwords, connect with you through chat, verify reward points, and handle their gift registries and gift certificates. Repeat orders are easy. Shopping carts are persistent over return visits – no need to repeat your search and product selection.

When it comes to understanding your customers, you can rely on Columbus eCommerce to keep you informed. Take advantage of customer feedback and the buzz around your company and products by connecting eCommerce with social media, enabling community sites, and inviting chat.

Streamline and speed transactions.

When the volume builds and you attract more and more traffic, it’s important that shopping activities be fast and simple. Columbus eCommerce always applies current pricing, applicable discounts, promotional prices, and coupons to customer accounts and customer groups in sync with your business rules. The solution enables an enclosed checkout process with all appropriate choices for payment and shipping options as well as tax. You can offer registration-based, required log-in, and anonymous checkout.

Before B2B customers check out and pay, they need to be able to navigate efficiently and make informed decisions. In eCommerce, you have a variety of ways to present your offerings. You can set up products with simple templates for item types, with images, zooming, and rotation, price and stock figures, size and color choices, customization options, and more. You can organize products and product kits by categories, departments, and brands, with automatic best-seller promotion.

Increase your visibility and grow your retail revenue.

Some B2B retailers seem to think that customers like to be part of an exclusive club that’s hard to find. They’re wrong. It’s in customers’ and your interest if your sites and products are easy to find and you deliver what customers are looking for. To make that possible, we’re are always updating the solution to stay current with SEO best practices. You can use metatags for products, categories, and departments, and increase site traffic with static product and category pages that search engines can crawl and index.

It's easy to build and manage pages with static and dynamic content, including banners, customer reviews and ratings, item carousels, promotions, and product codes. Flexible sorting choices and pop-up prompts for misspelled product names help customers find what they’re looking for.

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