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Artificial intelligence is changing the way businesses operate in a fundamental way, and Microsoft's Copilot is at the forefront of this transformation. With its integration into Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, the future of customer relationship management and enterprise planning has never been more promising. Let's explore how your business can benefit from it.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere.

We believe they are right. Your business is on a path that will intersect with AI — if it hasn’t already.  

Understanding Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft is leading the charge to the future state of AI with its new Copilot products.

In early 2023, they announced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot. It was the world’s first AI-powered assistant for customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms. With Copilot, Microsoft combines your data with a large language model (LLM) for deeper learning to improve your business.

ChatGPT democratized AI, allowing even small businesses to benefit from these game-changing tools. At the same time, it marked a major milestone in AI user interface more than in AI as a technology.

Copilot brings a similar transformation to business. With Microsoft Copilot, organizations can now benefit from generative AI to handle myriad of tasks within a business and deliver the innovation your talent seeks. The characteristics of this powerful platform impact many aspects:

  • User Experience: Dynamics 365 Copilot acts as a digital concierge, providing guidance, recommendations and assistance to users. It understands intent and context, helping users perform tasks more efficiently and reducing the learning curve for anyone using these tools.
  • Productivity: With Copilot’s proactive intelligence, users can complete tasks faster and with fewer errors. It automates routine tasks and offers relevant insights to help users make informed decisions.
  • Integration Across Applications: Copilot seamlessly integrates with various Dynamics 365 applications, making it navigating through different modules, accessing information and triggering actions easier. This integration fosters cross-departmental collaboration and enhances the overall efficiency of the organization.
  • Personalization: Copilot adapts to individual user preferences and learns from its interactions with people. Over time, this software becomes more attuned to specific user needs, making recommendations tailored to each user’s role and responsibilities.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Copilot leverages AI and machine learning to analyze data from various sources within Dynamics 365, offering actionable insights and recommendations. Copilot can enable users to make data-driven decisions that drive business growth. 

What Can Copilot Do for Your Business? 

To show you how Microsoft Copilot can help, let's explore Generative AI’s main capabilities.

Here is three ways AI can make a significant impact on your business and your workforce:

  • Productivity and job satisfaction: 85 percent of employees want digital tools that automate daily tasks. AI-powered tools can handle repetitive, time-consuming tasks, allowing your workforce to focus on more creative and strategic activities. 89 percent of employees say AI automation improves their jobs because they spend time on work they really like.
  • Cost savings and efficiency: Through predictive analytics, AI can optimize business operations, sales and more. AI can help businesses operate efficiently and allocate resources more effectively, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Cybersecurity: AI-powered software detects and responds to threats in real time by proactively identifying patterns of suspicious behavior and anomalies. By bolstering your cybersecurity infrastructure with AI, your business can protect sensitive data and maintain customer trust.

As Generative AI is known for its significant time and cost savings, it is currently popular across the following use cases:

  • Boosting team efficiency with Enterprise ChatGPT
  • Optimizing call center functions
  • Simplifying targeted content production
  • Providing highly personalized customer experiences.

AI is a tool that can help your business achieve its goals. While AI is a huge opportunity for most businesses, you must first start with your business needs before knowing if AI is the right tool for the job.   

Copilot: the world’s first built-in AI for CRM and ERP

There is no question the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem will benefit from interactive, next-generation AI assistance. Dynamics 365 Copilot and Copilot in Power Platform advance these benefits and the capabilities of AI-driven virtual assistants within business applications. These innovations have the potential to redefine how organizations operate, with benefits ranging from increased efficiency and reduced training time to data-driven insights and improved customer engagement. Since your data is used to train the AI agent — it can revolutionize your operations and the way you do business. 

Understanding Microsoft Copilot in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Copilot is an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to assist users in navigating the vast world of Dynamics 365 applications. It represents a significant leap forward in simplifying the user experience and improving productivity for businesses utilizing Microsoft’s suite of business applications.

We are all slowly getting access to the following Copilots. Microsoft want to launch them in the next six months globally.

  • Dynamics 365 Sales helps recap sales meetings, compose emails to clients, offer real-time tips and answers, and provide a summary view.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Insights will be useful in generating content ideas, creating audience segments and simplifying customer insights.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service will let you create customer responses, accelerate information discovery and enable clients with self-service chatbots.
  • Dynamics 365 Finance will help you with detailed product descriptions, collection coordination, status reports, tasks planning and risk assessment.
  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is equipped to stay updated with news from suppliers and optimize procurement.

Beyond the powerful features, Copilot learns from the data it captures. It makes this AI a powerful workhorse attuned to the nuances of your ever-changing business.

Understanding Power Platform Copilot

Copilot features will be available across Microsoft Power Platform, including Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate. This integration further amplifies its impact on your business and internal developer and citizen-developer teams.

  • Power Apps: Copilot in Power Apps lets your employees create apps, make necessary adjustments and “talk” to their data to make better decisions – all this in natural language.
  • Power BI: Copilot helps users create and interpret data visualizations in Power BI. It offers insights into data patterns, suggests relevant charts and graphs, and assists in creating more meaningful reports.
  • Power Automate: Copilot integrates with Power Automate to automate workflows, making creating and managing automation processes easier.
  • Power Virtual Agents: Developers can effortlessly integrate a Power Virtual Agents bot into their apps.

It’s the true low-code environment your citizen developers have been dreaming about.

Use cases for Copilot in Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform

Over 63,000 organizations found great advantages in using Dynamics 365, including sales, finance, and other areas. These teams saved time and money and improved productivity and resiliency. For example, sales teams experienced a 60 percent time- savings on reporting and had higher close ratios. Customer service teams were able to handle 50 percent more cases using Dynamics 365.

With Copilot the ROI can be even more impressive. As you also can develop your own intelligent apps utilizing Azure Open AI. Just imagine what transformation change you can experience by addressing your specific business tasks.

Ready to get started?

Organizations are experiencing a generative AI revolution, and Microsoft Copilot is at the forefront of this innovation. To prepare, organizations should:

  • Ensure an AI-ready data foundation
  • Get your employees Copilot-ready
  • Try Microsoft’s Copilots in action
  • Build your own AI-powered Copilot

Still have questions? You can learn more about Dynamics 365 Copilot and Copilot in Power Platform here.

Contact us and we can discuss how to strategically apply AI in your organization.


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